16 pictures of smoke and smoking that are guaranteed to make you gasp, laugh or cry!

Taking a break from writing about e-cigarettes, I scoured the web for the most shocking/amusing pictures of smoke. Here are the results!

(Just in case you are wondering, the image of the baby flying through the air here has not been photo-shopped – it is real! With no way out, the family decided it was better to throw the baby from a burning building and hope someone would catch the baby than risk certain death by fire!)

1. A baby thrown from a burning building!

A baby is thrown from a smoking building

2. And you thought your 20 a day habit was bad!

A man attempts to smoke hundreds of cigarette in one go.

Source: Sabotage Times

3. Dedicated smoker!

Man smokes cigarette as his jeep sinks.

Source: Foundshit

 4. Stupid ban…


Source: http://www.foundshit.com/tag/smoking/

5. You looking at me, punk! This was the picture from Indonesia which shook the world.

Indonesian child smokes cigarette.


Source: Josie’s Juice

6. Smoking will kill you, don’t you know!

Women lights up cigarette from her 100th birthday cake.

Source: Funny.com

7. Incredible picture of smoke from a volcano!

Incredible picture of smoke from a volcano.

Source: Nature wall papers

8. It’s okay for guide dogs to smoke – they need fags to cope with the stress!

No smoking .... except for guide dogs.


Source: Wordfruit.com [page since removed]

9. If you smoke you are gay!

Reads: Don't be gay. Don't smoke.


Source: Different Videos

10. Smoking orang-utang!

Orangutang smoke a cigarette.


11. Smoking cat!

Cat smokes a joint.


Source: Dear HMRC

12. Smoking Children

Children smoking.


Source: Neatorama

13. Smoking Crab

A crab appears to smoke on a dark beach.

Source: RGB Picture (site closed)

14. Smoker’s Grave

Mural on top of smoker's lounge painted to represent top of a grave.

We also featured this on our post: 37 Most Shocking Anti-Smoking Pictures Ever

Source: Coll Things

15. Smoking Cafe

Smokers in plastic bubbles.

Source: Fexy

16. Smoking in War

An Iraqi veteran smokes after combat.

See Marlbourgh Man in Iraq for the full story.

Over to you – If you know of any more shocking/amusing images of smoking leave a link to it in the comments below, and if we can we will upload it here!!

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