No Smoking Day Won`t Help You Quit: Here`s Why

I’ve just been having a look at the No Smoking Day website.

I clicked on the quit section and landed on the We Quit page.


Their advice to smokers:

If you’re a heavy smoker: use nicotine replacement therapy and drugs to quit.

If you’re a moderate smoker: use nicotine replacement therapy to quit.

If you’re a light smoker: use nicotine therapy to quit.

Specifically, it says:

Nicotine patches and gum would help your chances of stopping.

What it doesn’t mention is:

Studies show NRT is no more effective than cold turkey 

According to one study, Nicotine Patches, Gum No Help:

Smokers are no more likely to give up cigarettes for good by using nicotine replacement products such as patches and gum than if they did not use those quit-smoking aids.

In another study, just 0.8% of smokers using NRT aids were successful in quitting smoking for more than a year.

Despite propoganda, which includes advice NOT to quit cold turkey, 91.2 percent of people who did quit did so without any help.

Here’s what one ex-smoker has to say about NRT:

Stop-smoking drugs can cause serious problems – including suicide and mental illness

Quit smoking drugs have numerous side effects. Chantix alone has been associated with 11ooo serious adverse effects. Click here to read the devestating story of some of the victims.

If you do want to quit, you might just be better of doing so cold turkey.

But if you want to continue to enjoy nicotine in a way which resembles smoking, but which scientists believe is 99% safer than smoking, check out the electronic cigarette.

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