The Electronic Cigarette: Dangerous and Disgusting

ban e-cigarettes.

We’ve been releasing some of our old movies recently to celebrate half a million views on You Tube, but I was quite surprised when searching through old blog posts to see we had never posted our most popular movie.

As often happens with movies, it’s not the one that you think is going to be popular that is popular. This is a satire I made when I had a few minutes spare back in 2009. I  made it after an anti-smoking activist compared giving e-cigarettes to smokers to giving rubber knives to murders. I was also trying to point out the fact that anti-smoking activists who have campaigned against e-cigarettes had been taking money from pharmaceutical companies who make competing products.

Anyway, my wife hated it so much she asked me never to put it on. (Sorry love!) I also don’t think it was nearly good as our exploding head movie!

Despite that, it has received 245,000 views. Unfortunately, many people took it seriously (I’m putting that down to nationalities that don’t show the British sense of sarcasm.)

Anywhere here it is:

 Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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