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The Lurgy

The lurgy!

I am working from my sick bed today – the lurgy that has been circling our company, picking us off one by one, has finally struck me down, and I have been sent back home by Jean and to bed by my wife! But there’s far too much interesting stuff going on not to blog today, so I am quietly typing away in bed while my wife entertains friends downstairs!

World Vaping Day

World Vaping Day banner.

Today is the first ever World Vaping Day!

It all started a few months ago when Sam Munro from ecig users and I discussed the idea of a National Vaping Day. I decided I didn’t have time to do it, but Sam took the idea to Rolygate from e-cigarette-forum, and it became World Vaping Day. Since then it has taken off virally, with over 60 vaping meetups being held in the UK, the US, Germany, Malaysia and elsewhere.

If you’d like to attend a meet-up, check out this map of events on the World Vaping Day website. We’re sponsoring two events, one in the Penines and one in the Anglers Rest, and you’ll be able to try our e-cigs in both of them.

World Vaping Day Discounts


To celebrate World Vaping Day, we’re releasing two discount codes, one for our refills and one for our non-UK e-liquid.

Use the code world-vaping-day to get ten percent off all refills on, and the code world-vaping-day2 to get 15% of all e-liquid on this page. This offer is not longer available, but you can visit our website and find out more e-cigarette discounts and offers!

Shocking Cigarette Price Rises

Artificial price rise.

The price of a pack of cigarettes in the UK has risen by a shocking 37 pence a packet.

That’s £135.05 a year for a 20 a day smoker, or £270.01 for a 40 a day smoker.

It benefits us (we’ve already had calls from smokers!) but I think it’s wrong:

  • it penalises people who are doing something legal, and who are already paying more than their fair share of taxes
  • it often penalises those who are least able to afford it
  • it will lead to an increase in smuggling

As Spurgy Purvis said on our facebook page:

I dont know a single person that buys tobacco from a shop, its all smuggled in. It just means the cigarette smokers will now start buying the extreemly dodgy fake packs made in china etc and there will be more people clogging up the hospital wards with poisoning related illnesses.

Darren Johnson has also blogged about this here: The budget announced tobacco prices on the up again.


What will you be doing on World Vaping Day?

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