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Smoker's Angel Ultra Tank with car charger and plug adaptor.

We’ve had lots of questions about how to use the Halo Tank, which takes a little bit more skill than our regular e-cigarette. So, working with Ground Level Media, we have produced the following tutorial!


Hello, and welcome to this video tutorial on how to use the Halo Super Tank, brought to you by Ground Level Media on behalf of The Smoker’s Angel.

Okay guys, here’s the halo super tank. As you can see it comes in a very nice package, and on the back we have the contents of the kit. So, just going to start unpacking it, here we go, within the kit we have the manual, we have the certificate of inspection, which as you can see has passed, these are the tank cartridges, these are the tank cartridges, this is the USB charger, which comes in handy, these are the atomisers, which there are two of as you can see. We have two cones and finally the two battery switches.

Now, just going to start removing all the packaging from the battery switches, this is quite important, make sure you remove the packaging, especially the covers, which come with the atomisers, so I’m just going to pop these off like so.

Now the first thing I’m going to do is attach the atomiser to the battery, like so, and screw it all the way, okay.

Next, we’re going to attach the tank cartridge to the atomiser, I’m just going to get the cartridge from the little pack which comes in the kit. Now it’s this side that you need to place in the atomiser, make sure that’s the right way up, and push this all the way down to the line as demonstrated here. This should make a hole in the end of the cartridge. Now just pull it out, this can be a bit tricky but they will get easier I promise.

You can see it has made a nice little hole there. So now what we are going to do is squeeze a drop of eliquid into the atomiser. Okay, just one drop will do. And if we press the button, there, you should hear a fizzle sound like that.

Now, we’re going to fill up the cartridge with the eliquid, ensuring the correct end is used. This can be done by inserting the tip of the eliquid into the cartridge and squeezing as so.

Now the cartridge can be filled to the top, as you can see there, but we do advise you not to leave it go totally empty.

Now what we have to do is re-attach the cartridge to the atomiser, ensuring you push the cartridge all the way down like so.

Finally we need to screw on the cone, and hey presto your super tank is now ready.

So all I have to do now is press the button, and smoke away!

Top Tips

Okay,  so top tips for you:

1. Firstly, make sure you pierce the correct end of the cartridge.

2. Ensure the e-liquid goes into the pierce hold and is filled up to the top.

3. Remember the atomiser must be wet with e-liquid or it may burn out.

4. And if you get a burnt taste this means that the atomiser is dry.

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2 thoughts on “Tank Video Tutorial

  1. Why is the Tank system displayed altogether different to the one I purchased only a couple weeks ago.? And why is it not mentioned in the directions about putting a drop of juice into the atomizer ?

    1. Hi Alan, we sell two different tank systems – if you’d like to try this one you don’t need to buy a kit, as you can buy the battery and charger on its own (it is compatible with existing tank atomisers and cartridges).We do mention the dripping in the existing tank video tutorial and e-book, will have to check the instructions – I am sorry if that is not included!

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