14 Great New Vaping Blogs

It’s not that long since we did our list of the best vaping blogs on the net today. However, the blogosphere changes rapidly, and talented new bloggers are constantly coming on to the net, so I’m putting a list together of new vaping blogs (but there’s also room for any I  missed last time.)

Here’s my criteria – I’ve tried to keep them broad!

  • not overly commercial (I don’t mind affiliate links but they need to be balanced with useful/interesting/fun posts – I won’t include any blog which is purely dedicated to marketing e-cigarettes such as price comparison sites or blogs which only consist of reviews with affiliate links)
  • provides useful and relevant content!
  • the blog doesn’t have to be professionally written or put together – I am looking for more places where us bloggers can bounce off each other 🙂

As usual, this is an elastic list – it’s not possible to monitor every blog on the web, and I am bound to miss some. From previous experience, I find some people get angry when they are not included – please don’t, instead just suggest your blog in the comments below. (It may be arrogance but I find it hard to add a blog when someone has got angry over lack of inclusion!)

The good news is that there are tonnes of new blogs – so let’s get started!

1. Hoosier Vapers

Screenshot of Hoosier Vapers.

Hoosier vapers is a non-profit organisation which aims to:

spread the truth about e-cigarettes, tobacco harm reduction, and vaping culture

The blog is full of up to date information on tobacco harm reduction, legislative news and action that needs to be taken by vapers, and is a fine example of grass roots action to defend vaping against the powerful forces that seek to remove this competitor to tobacco and cessation aids.

2. InVape

Screenshot of invape.

This is part a review blog (I love the Highbrow advert!) but the blogger also shares his personal story of how he switched to e-cigs, which I think is a great way to promote vaping. There’s also a tips and tricks section – a little limited at the moment but hopefully to be expanded – and profiles of people in the vaping world.

3. E Cig Advanced 

Ecig advanced.

ECigAdvanced is primarily a review and affiliate blog, but it does have a news section so just slips in here!

4. Vaping Daz

Vaping daz.

Vaping Daz is relatively new to the vaping community – but already becoming a big part of it! I am really proud this one is here, as I had suggested to Darren, the blogger, that he translated his love of vaping into a blog before he started.

6. Full Frontal Vaping (page since removed)

Full frontal vaping.

This is an interesting and very personal blog, but rarely updated. It’s also the blogger’s fourth attempt at creating an e-cig blog, so I hope he sticks around!

7. World Wide Vape

World wide vaping.

Anne Marie Smith has been vaping for one year, and shares her experiences – and experience!

8. Vaper’s Voice

Screenshot from Vaper's Voice.

Vaper’s Voice aims:

to bring people together and try to do my part to help strengthen the vaping community.

It’s partly a personal story about the blogger and his experiences with vaping – he recounts his mother’s fears about vaping, and how he tries to reassure her – but you can also get involved with the blog via his (I think the blogger is a he!) 20 questions project.

9. Big Vapers

Screenshot of big vapers.

Big Vapers aims to be more than just a blog:

This is more than just a blog, a community, a sales pitch, or a diary. It’s a way of life, or should I say a way to get your life back!

The blogger aims to share his experiences of successfully switching from tobacco cigarettes, and show smoker’s that there is a safer way to enjoy nicotine.

10. Evel Vaper 

Screenshot of exel vapers.

No need for reading here – EvelVaper is all about video! While primarily a review blog, EvelVaper covers over relevant news – including Johnny Depp’s take on e-cigarettes (video now sadly removed – any clues as to the content, EvelVaper?).

11. We Vape

Screenshot of we vape.

Motivated by the end of 35 years of tobacco smoking, this blog was created:

to help Vapors or E-Cig users get information out to the public.

Watch out for useful tips such as how to clean cartomisers. There’s also a buyer beware list, although I’m curious as to why Blu Ecigs are there – I thought they were fairly kosher.

12. Kezygirl’s Blog

Screen shot of Kezy Girl's blog.

Although I have just come across some of the blogs here, I have been following Kezygirl’s blog for a while. Kezygirl covers her personal experiences with vaping, her thoughts on issues such as bullying in the vaping community and big events like Vapestock.

13. Metro Ecigs

Metro e-cigs.

Metro e-cigs is a retailer, but with posts ranging from Barry Manilow’s take on e-cigs to legislative updates it made it into this list!


I’m not adding screenshots here – not because blogs don’t deserve it but I am afraid the page will get too heavy!

E Cig Beat

Metro Ecigs have suggested including ECig Beat, and I kicked myself for having missed it! The blog covers some great stories, from exploding electronic cigarette stories to celebrity rock and roll vapers.

Why this post?

  • each link should give each blog a little boost in the search engine rankings, helping the vaping blogosphere (vlogosphere?) develop and to help bloggers with the important job of getting personal stories out and countering misinformation.
  • vaping bloggers (vloggers?) don’t connect enough, IMO, would be nice to see more people linking out to other vaping bloggers, commenting on each others blogs – and talking to each other.(A great place to start is a new blogger discussion group on Facebook called Vaper Block.)
  • selfish reasons – I like to reading vaping blogs and posts like these help me keep up with what’s new!
So keep the suggestions coming 🙂


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