Announcing A New One Page Checkout AND The Halo Lanyard

UPDATE: We have temporarily disabled the new checkout while we fine tune it. Apologies – checkout will be live again after a few adjustments next week.

We’re currently making changes to our website and the first change is to our checkout.

Before, when you needed to put in your details you needed to go to to enter your order details – now you can do it on our website.

I’d love your feedback – if you have any comments/suggestions/feedback leave a comment on our Facebook page here, or let me know in the comments below.

Never Be Without Your E-Cig Again

We’ve also got a fantastic new product.

It’s low tech – but it’s incredibly useful.

Retailing at just £2.99, the Smoker’s Halo Lanyard is a cord that goes around your neck and fixes to your electronic cigarette.

If you’re like me, you’re always misplacing your e-cigarette – but once you have attached your lanyard, you’ll know it’s around your neck!

Update: Thi product has been now replaced by the new Halo Tank Leatherette Pouch Lanyard

Our Survey On I’ve Got News For You

You may have seen our most recent survey on The Hardest Habits to Break in the news recently.

It’s now also been featured on the missing words round of Have I Got News For You on BBC One!

Check it out here! (You’ll find the headline 36 minutes in.)

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