Bereaved Mother: My Son Begged Me to Switch to E-Cigs

Mandy Knight, one of our customers, shared this sad story with us after we put a call out for user stories about electronic cigarettes. The story was published in Chat magazine – to read their version click here.

Chat article entitled Smoke Killed Kyrie.

A mum who quit smoking after half a million cigarettes has told how she did it to please her 12 year old son who begged her to stop after his sister died in a house fire.

After pressure from her son Jake, Mandy Knight, 50, decided to ditch the cigs cold turkey two months ago, switching to an electronic cigarette to satisfy her nicotine cravings.

Jake was scared of losing his mother to a smoking related disease, having already lost his sister Kyrie four years ago.

Mandy, from Addlestone, explains: “I lost my daughter in 2008 and since then my son has been particularly worried about losing me to a smoking related disease.

“He looked up the health implications of being a heavy smoker and kept asking me to stop, so two months ago I took the plunge and went cold turkey on cigarettes, instead switching to an ecig from’

“He’s much happier as he knows I’m no longer inhaling any tar or tobacco and I’m fitter and better off than before.

“I’ve tried to quit five or six times before and tried everything from patches to pills, but with no success. I haven’t touched a cig since and this time I think I might’ve cracked it.

“It’s the little things you notice like walking up the stairs without getting out of breath which make a real different and it’s great to put my son’s fears at rest too.”

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Disclaimer: Please note we do not claim the e-cigarette is a quit smoking device but an alternative to cigarettes.

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2 thoughts on “Bereaved Mother: My Son Begged Me to Switch to E-Cigs

  1. My father also had some trouble in quitting smoking. Finally, he switched to e-cigarettes. Now, he’s on the low/zero nicotine level already. I am so proud of him!

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