Anti-Terror Police Target E-Cigarette User

Passengers treated as terrorists.

As you have probably heard by now, a UK bus was stopped on the M6 after a person enjoyed their e-cigarette during the journey.

Armed police then forced the passengers out onto the road, making them sit on asphalt and forbidding them from talking to one another. Helicopters overhead added to the drama!

What Happened

I’ve heard two different stories.

1. That the e-cigarette was faulty and that vapor came out of the device.

If it’s a proper e-cigarette, this is unlikely to happen as a cut off in the battery would stop the device from producing vapour before it became noticeable. However, there are numerous cheap unregulated devices on the market which could have caused this.

2. That the person with the e-cigarette was ‘stealth-vaping’, secretly vaping into a box – and presumably alarming passengers.

Should it have happened?

Should the incident have ever happened? Were the police right to act on a report of smoke coming from a bag, or was it an overeaction?

Dick Puddlecote called them: Scenes of which we should be deeply ashamed of ourselves. 

A couple of people on our facebook page agreed:

Comment 4 on the M6 Bus E-Cigarette Incident.

But most people felt the overreaction was understandable:

Opinion 5 on the e-cigarette M6 Bus Incident.

The Knock On Effect

Vapers on our facebook page are also expressing alarm that e-cigarette could now be banned on public transport.

Opinion 1 on the M6 Bus Incident.

Comment 2 on the e-cigarette bus incident.

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11 thoughts on “Anti-Terror Police Target E-Cigarette User

  1. Banning Vaping in public places is the exact opposite of what should happen, doing so will only cause MORE stealth vaping which when spotted looks to an outsider very conspicuous and is exactly what caused the M6 saga..
    IMHO we should ‘come out’ more in public.
    BBC Radio Merseyside are seeing this in a light hearted fashion AND informative. Not only did they ask for a song that was appropriate ( Imagine was the winner) they asked for ikkle Moi to be interviewed. Hope I did OK? 49 min and 15 secs in ……ban_05_07_2012/
    As to Covert / indiscreet / Stealth Vaping……………. This has to be the understatement of the decade so far

  2. I think vaping should be done much more openly. If the fellow passenger had seen the vaper casually vaping while reading (or looking relaxed in some other way) the other passenger probably woudn’t have worried. Or they might have felt free to strike up a friendly conversation to ask about it. But my guess is the guy was stealth vaping and looking furtive / guilty / anxious, which would have made the “smoke” seem suspicious and worrying to other passengers.

    I think too that using a cig-a-like attracts the attention of the anti smoking brigade, so I prefer to use an ego system that looks nothing like a real cigarette. I use it very openly and although people see what they think is “smoke” they can also see very clearly that i do not have a cigarette and therefore am not smoking.

    Having said that, a friend owns a care home and orders cig-a-likes for her residents because they are less complicated and are easier to use if you have memory problems.

  3. Vapers are being stopped from vaping in public. I recently witnessed a lady being told she could not vape at haydock race course, as they did not know what it was and could find no legistration on the use of e-cigs.

  4. If the nanny state gets desperate for reasons to ban ecigarettes this is the type of crass reasoning that will be used. Much easier than looking at the evidence of the incidence of harm from ecigarettes. Re the Albuquerque incident, which sounds a little suspicious, how many fires caused by leaving drinking bottles in forests? Re the bus the nanny state is to be blamed for sensitizing gullible people into believing terrorists are lurking on every street corner so how many other false alarms occur for non ecig related reasons.

    Unless the authorities came show good reason, supported by relevant scientific studies, why vaping in enclosed spaces should not be allowed then it should be promoted rather than pushing people into stealth vaping. Of course there will be no good reason because even the case for passive smoking of cigarette smoke is based on cherry picking studies the majority of which found no evidence for the harm of passive smoking.

  5. I vape frequently in public, and am proud to do so.. I enjoy nothing more than a good coffee and a good vape!
    Generally I am approached by smokers who have seen me use it and are intrigued, have heard about them but assume that they are too good to be true, so have never actively tried… I end up giving them a demonstration, writing out several websites where reputable products can be bought from and give them the impetus to go for it!
    I’ve even had a couple of emails from some of the people thanking me, as they have since converted from smoking to vaping and are over the moon!

    However I have also had people demand that I am thrown out of various coffee bars!!! I’ve never been thrown out, and luckily on each occasion the management have either been quite informed themselves… or I’ve had to explain the device to the manager and then they in turn have allowed me to continue – however on each occasion the offended person that has complained has walked out of the establishment – therefore making me seem responsible for an unhappy customer – I’ve even been told I’m disgusting by one man!!!
    This kind of backlash does concern me, in case it eventually leads to a ban on E-cigs, and my heart sank when I saw this incident on the news.

    I don’t understand why vaping seems to be so offensive to some people, it can only be due to lack of information – however its their attitude that adds to the problem, rather than asking me about it, they instead go charging off and complain about me to managers… Regardless of these uncomfortable situations, I will continue to Vape in public, and enjoy it!
    I am proud to now be a non smoker (nearly a year now since i gave up) and I could have never quit cigs without Ecigs… so no one is taking my Ecig away from me – or my right to use it wherever I want!!!!

    Vape with pride people!!!

  6. Of course E-Cigs are going to be banned…can’t have people enjoying themselves. The cASHites are no doubt already claiming Vaping encourages cheeeldren to smoke and as soon as they get their Ugly Packs legislation passed by Herr ‘Endlosung’ Lansley (imagine if he’d said ‘we don’t want Jews to have any business in this country) then they’ll steal more money from the NHS to fight the scourge of vaping.

    That’s as sure as God created the tobacco plant.

  7. Perhaps a Vaper thought it would be interesting to see the public reaction to some dude blowing steam into a bag.

  8. The “vaporous” war on terrorism is to blame here… and it’s getting tiresome. Rights are being abrogated in the US and UK, paranoia abounds, Muslims are demonized… there’s no end in sight and stupidities like this event and the one on an airliner last year just seem to be multiplying.

    “Terrorism” is not happening on our lands, and if the government and their private contractor friends didn’t have a financial stake in maintaining a state of permanent alert things like this would not be occurring….


  9. terrorism is happening but its also an easy way for people to manipulate the gov into doing things to those theu dislike. the ashholes wpuld demonise ecigs regardless antismoking whiners would complain simply because we are not suffering. iv been told im diagusting that smoking should be banned. when replying im not smoking they say there isnt a doffenerence. i called her a bigot and it devolved from there. antismoker ex smokers enjoy their piety too much to accept some dont want to quit. fuck em vape openly and educate
    if people complain and attempt to have me thrown out bexaiae i offwnd their delicate sensibilities i vape more, well that or call them fascists and claim im being picked on because of their own failings as people
    ash want vaping banned because they make $$$ from smoking beong evil and they cant lose the nrt money they are running scared so are pushing bollocks and trying to crush us with lies and propaganda.

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