E Cigarette Activists Accuse Tobacco Control Figure Ellen Hahn of Lies and Intimidation

Quote from the letter.

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A tobacco harm reduction group along with a leading THR scientist has filed a complaint against tobacco control figure and University of Kentucky (UKY) member Ellen Hahn, accusing the writer of using lies and intimidation to disrupt a legal gathering of vapers.

The letter, issued by Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) and Professor Carl Phillips, argues that the researcher:

apparently violated UKY research ethics rules by making numerous false and otherwise misleading scientific claims about the risks posed by e-cigarettes.

SourceTobacco harm reduction advocacy organization fights back against Hahn’s disinformation

The story starts sometime ago when Ellen Hahn attempted to stop a vaping conference.

According to CASAA, Ellen Hahn contacted the hotel where the conference was being held, and tried to persuade the hotel to stop the conference using what CASAA calls lies about e-cigarettes.


Three strikes and you are out.

Ellen Hahn has also released a poster (pictured above) which alleges claims that:

1. There is no evidence that ecigs can help you quit.

While we are not allowed to promote the e-cig as a quit smoking aids, there are several studies that suggest e-cigarettes may be a successful quitting aid. These include a South African Study, a New Zealand study, a Boston University Study and an Italian Quit Smoking Association study.

We do need longer term studies to provide more proof, but to suggest there is no evidence at all is incorrect.

2. Ellen also alleges that there are harmful substances contained in e-cigarettes. The key here is quantity. For example, according to one researcher you’d have to use e-cigarettes for 4-12 months to get the same quantity of nitrosamines as there is is in one cigarette.

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Alleged Conflict of Interest

Ellen Hahn has also been attacked by scientist and tobacco harm reduction expert Professor Michael Siegel, who alleges that grants from pharmaceutical companies mean that Ellen Hahn has a conflict of interest when researching electronic cigarettes.

(Source: Author of Article Attacking E-Cigarettes Appears to Have Failed to Disclose Significant Financial Conflict of Interest)

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