It`s Official: Vaping is Sexier than Smoking Say 63% of Respondents

A cigarette is held to a pair of red lips.
Sexy? Vaping’s sexier said our respondents!

And before smokers jump on our throats we’re just reporting the results of our latest survey, Is Smoking Sexy 🙂

In total 97 people entered the survey. We’d want more replies to be sure about the results – if this was a serious survey. But this one is just a bit of fun!

Is smoking sexy?

Is smoking sexy?

Surprisingly, despite the constant barrage of anti-smoking (and, if we are honest, anti-smoker) messages, 35.1% of people still think that smoking is sexy.

That’s a pretty good result for smokers considering only 20% of the population smoke!

Is vaping sexy?

Is vaping sexy?

More than two thirds thought vaping was sexy.

I’d love to assign more significance to these figures, but the fact that mostly vapers read this blog may have influenced the figures a little 🙂

Is vaping sexier than smoking?

Is vaping sexier than smoking?

We asked people to choose from:

  • Oh Yes!
  • Oh No!
  • Neither are sexy in the least, so the question is not valid!

The majority chose vaping is sexier than smoking – although as we mentioned, most of our readers are vapers!

What people said:

What people said.

We couldn’t get all the comments in, but here’s a selection:

Sandy Wilson:

“As your pictures show, can be really sexy, can be really off-putting.”

Karron Cartlidge:

“i do smoke and it isnt sexy one bit would love to give up for my health i have chrones disease and i really need to give up.”


“Vaping is cooler than smoking. Not vaping is cooler than vaping. I think this needs to be emphasized so that we don’t attract non-smokers into vaping. We have enough perception problems as it is.”

Thad Marney

“Smoking addresses an oral fixation which is inherently sexy. Unfortunately, the damage that smoking does to the body and the ashtray flavor it adds to kissing is decidedly NOT sexy. Vaping keeps the sexiness, and loses the damage to the body and the ashtray flavor and leaves nothing but pure sexy.”

Helen Forsythe

“Either can be made to look sexy, providing the person who’s doing it knows how to ‘pull it off”.

And the winners are…


Congratulations to the winners, who were selected using a random name selector:

  • Phil Honey
  • Robin Giles
  • Steven Mill

And a bonus prize to Thad Marney for such an insightful comment!

All of whom win a super Halo t-shirt. 

What do YOU think? Leave your comments below 🙂

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10 thoughts on “It`s Official: Vaping is Sexier than Smoking Say 63% of Respondents

  1. Brilliant post mate! It’s good to know that vaping has a lot of pleasant “side-effects” within society. The pie-charts really reinforced it. Well done! Vaping rocks!

  2. People who say smokeing is sexy need to have a close look at theirselves,takeing drugs in any way shape or form is not sexy! vapeing is certainly cleaner and safer than inhaleing smoke.. but nicoteen is an adiction not a prelude to procreation! we need to keep a perspective of what nicoteen is..nicoteen is a poison extracted from a noxious stinking plant that kills thousands of people,shrouding this substance in sex and romance is the human way to deny its death dealing nature.yes Im truely glad vapeing came along to minamize the health dangers and make it less ofensive to non smokers and children..but sexy? I dont think so! sexy to me is a nice clean godly wife that is a great mother and responsable enough to lay down the nicoteen while she is pregnant for the sake of her unborn baby, thats sexy! not sucking poison into your body to cause some fake sexual high! get real with yourself if you need nicoteen to make you feel stimulated and sexy really what kind of man or lady are you? smoke or vape to satisfy your adiction but keep sex were it belongs between married couples as a part of creation! I dont need no poison plant for that…

      1. nicoteen is indeed in a lot of green vegatables, Thats no justifacation to inhale concentrate! I find vapeing far less harmfull than smokeing. But dont blow a trumpet yet, we dont know yet if inhaleing glycerine vapor is safe, long term, its great that we who use nicoteen can get it safer and without forceing smoke on others. this is the usa enjoy your freedom but dont force your addiction on others. accept what we are doing with a responsable attitude..we are freebaseing nicoteen. and its a drug like it or not we need our fix. so lets do our vapes and tell ourselfs how sexy it is and how much safer it is..but dont go to bed with the devil and expect to wake up unviolated in one way or other.

        1. cost wise e drops are cheaper than cigarretes but those vape devices cost plenty.Is it just me or does everbody else have to go and get the latest most styleistic vape box? I have not saved any money because I want the best vape box I vape %42 so I vape less and also catch a good nicoteen buzz.Ive got a few differant flavors, its ez to tell when you have had to much, you get hickups! and kids arent as attracted because the euphoria is more gentle and much longer lasting than the roller coaster of cigarettes.thats one positive you behave less like a dope addict and dont have to run outside every 15 min employers like that fact because you get more done, you cough and hack less.but Watch out Ive been vapeing a year now and glycerine gells up into hard little pieces in your nose and lungs that make you stuffy. still better than those nasty stinking sticks that we used to wave around like trophys of our machoness! I wont tell you what other plant oils work great in the tank you will learn that all by yourself.

        2. “nicoteen is indeed in a lot of green vegatables, Thats no justifacation to inhale concentrate! I find vapeing far less harmfull than smokeing.”

          It’s relevant, however, because so many anti-nicotine extremists trumpet about the fact that nicotine is evil and poisonous, and shouldn’t be exhaled in public (despite the fact that the quantities exhaled are so tiny they would never have any effect) despite the fact that people are already exposed to nicotine in vegetables.

    1. Dude, If you think there isn’t a HUGE Fetish community that loves watching others smoke and finds it incredibly, phenomenally SEXY, then you are simply uninformed. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the dangers of smoking, because I do. This question is at best, a comparable question, to determine if vaping can bring the same arousal to that community, that regular cigarettes do, now.

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