Vaping Bloggers Round Up


A very small but fun Facebook group I belong to is Vapor Block.

This group comprises entirely of vaping bloggers, who can socialise, share their blog posts and exchange tips on blogging.

And for a change, I thought I’d do a quick round up of what the members have been blogging/posting about.

1. Jennifer Cook Cancer Fund:

Erik Bogen is helping to raise money for a member of the Vaping Community, Jennifer Cook, who is battling breast cancer.

2. Positive Actions: Kezygirls Blog

Kexygirl is urging the vaping community to be positive, and help one another. Click here to read!

3. How long ago can I go without a vape?

Digibomb is challenging himself to go for as long as possible without a vape. How long can you manage?

4. Vapors Radio Station:

Is asking for 5 minute contributions for their radio show.

5. VapeMeet: Lexington Thank You

Bogey is blogging about his trip to the Lexington Vape Meet. (Post since removed.)

6. Steve Vape: Electronic Cigarette Free Trial: 

Steve Vape is joining us in warning about the dangers of electronic cigarette “free” trials.

7.  Do you vape at work?

Vaping Daz is enjoying a vape while working, and wants to know if you vape at work too?

8. Vapeaversary

Hoosier Vapes is celebrating the completion of his first year of vaping!

Know of any other great vaping blog posts published in the last week or so? Please share in the comments!

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