Will Huge EU Tobacco Scandal Affect Electronic Cigarettes?

Breaking news yesterday saw EU Health Commissioner Dahl resign following an investigation by the EU anti-fraud office into an alleged attempt to bribe Dahl over tobacco policy.

The allegation was made by Swedish smokeless tobacco company Swedish Match.

Snus is illegal in most of the EU despite evidence that it is vastly safer than smoking – and has lead to very low rates of lung cancer in Sweden.

Scandal is noting new to the EU, as we saw recently when the EU rewrote a report to justify banning SNUS.

AND, when they missed a positive line about SNUS, they even tippexed the line out!

What’s the relevance to e-cigarettes?

Our concern has been that an agency which would ban one vastly safer alternative to smoking would also ban e-cigarettes.

And Dahl, according to the Velvet Glove Iron Fist Blog, is the main man behind a revised EU directive on e-cigarettes which, according to a leaked memo, plans an effective ban on ecigarettes.

Will it have an affect on the EU’s attitude towards ecigs? Only time will tell, but for now all work has been halted on the EU Tobacco Directive.

Update: Incredibly, Dahl was given just 45 minutes to resign or be fired by EU Commission President Jose Barroso.

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  1. If you don’t smoke, don’t even think about it! Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to
    man, and some people can become hooked after smoking just one pack!!!

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