Introducing Ten Great New Vaping Sites

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These new e-cig sites should keep you busy browsing for a while!

Update: Many of these sites are no longer active. For a more recent update on vaping blogs, check out The Vaping Blogs Vaping Bloggers Love.

Welcome to the latest update on new vaping sites! At the moment e-cig sites seem to be popping up everywhere, so as usual apologies if I have missed any good new sites, and if you know a great site please leave it in the comments so I can check it out and add it here.

Here’s what I look for in a new site:

  • not too commercial (I don’t mind affiliate links but they need to be balanced with good information/posts/analysis – I won’t include any site which is purely dedicated to marketing e-cigarettes such as price comparison sites or blogs which only consist of reviews with affiliate links)
  • provides useful and relevant content!
  • the blog doesn’t have to be professionally written or put together – enthusiasm is just as important as a slick writing style
Scientist Carl Phillips (who we interviewed here), along with Elaine Keller from CASAA, blog about the lies put out by proponent of the quit or die appoach (i.e. those opposed to tobacco harm reduction.)
Carl Phillips Anti-Thr lies blog.

2. Vaper News (Site no longer active)

Vaper News aggregates the titles and links from all the best vaping sites. This is a super site for keeping up with what is happening in the vapersphere.

Vaper News Blog.

3. SpinFuel Magazine: The Art of Vaping

A beautifully put together online vaping magazine.

Spinfuel vaping magazine.

4. ECig Gazette (Site no longer active)

News, views and reviews for the vaping world!

E Cig Gazette screenshot.

5. Planet of the Vapes (honorary mention)

I believe this forum has been around for a while, but I haven’t linked to it before and it certainly deserves a mention on this blog!

Planet of the Vapes.

6. UK Vapers (the revamped version) replaces the old UK Vapers run by Jackie. It’s just as good, and has the old crowd commenting and discussing what’s happening in vaping.

UK Vapers screenshot.

7. Pink Vaper (Update: site no longer active)

Pink Vaper cover vaping news with a weekly roundup.

Pink spot vaper screenshot.

8. ECIG Beat

ECig Beat covers vaping news, and when I re-visited for this post there were some I had missed from my usual sources (including the story that the Huffington Post had deleted a negative e-cigarette story.)

ECig Beat.

9. Escape the Analog (Update: Site no longer active.)

Escape the Analog is another site which has covered news I would otherwise have missed – it’s from this blog that I first heard about e-solids!

Escape the Analog screenshot.

10. CoffeeandVape (Update: Site no longer active.)

Coffee and Vape is one of the new style of forums springing up, which combine the functionality of Facebook with traditional forum posting.

Coffee and Vape Screenshot.

Update: Even more great vaping sites suggested by readers:

Todds Ecigs Reviews: Includes tonnes of great vaping tutorials.

Vape-A-Holics: (Update: Site no longer active) A blog/information site for anyone interested in e-cigs!

Vaper IT: Italian vaper forum suggested by Gigio on UK Vapers.

Have I missed a good site? Please let me know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Introducing Ten Great New Vaping Sites

  1. Thank you for placing our online magazine on your list! We all work very hard to bring our readers the truth about ecigarette products, vendors, and especially the politics and deception that seem to run rampant in this industry. You run a great site yourself James, and my boss is one of your biggest fans!


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