Ashtray Blog Competition Winners

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I am  pleased to announce our competition winners!

I had planned to have one winner chosen by random name selector. However, the stories were so good that we ended up with three winners, one chosen by random name selector and two more because they were so good.

The winners are:

Lindsay for her lovely poem, which is worth repeating here:

Diagnosed with COPD
No more cigarettes for me
What could I do, I liked the taste
Went to e-cigarette with much haste

Cigarettes without the bad bits
Made it easy to kick the habit
They come in lots of different flavours
For me to try and quickly savour

The prices are great
Delivery is never late
So give Smokers Angel a go
And try their range of Halo

Kerry, for her lovely and very moving story about how and why she switched (which you can read here).

And Margaret Finlayson for the following story:

I have been a smoker for 20 years and tried several times to stop. I am diabetic and have ischemic heart disease so my doctor’s were always trying to encourage me to stop. Everytime I did manage to stop (usually for about 6 weeks) I put on loads of weight and the doctors would then be on a mission to encourage me to lose weight. On 28th august this year I decided to try vaping. I found lovely flavours that I took to right away. But I also found an amazing side effect. Because I love sweet flavours I found that vaping them actually curbed my appetite for sweet cravings. The result is that not only have I had not one real cig but that I have also LOST 9lbs! An incredible feat. My doctors are very happy with my results and I am delighted. You could say that vaping is saving my life. Thank you to its creators x.

(All the winners are female – before I get accused of sexism, that’s not deliberate, and I only noticed after we had chosen the winners!)

If you missed this competition, don’t worry – we run them on a regular basis, and we have a really big one planned for later this month with hundreds of pounds in prizes! Just sign up to the newsletter in the right sidebar and you’ll get email notifications of all our competitions.

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  1. Hi James Heard recently about another pub chain banning ecig ,I think it was fullers do you think one of the bigger ecig firms could challenge this in the courts.Medical experts have stated that ecigs can bring a huge benefit to peoples health.

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