Huge E-Cigarette Sale and Important Updates

Urgent: Sale (except for kits) ends today at midnight!

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Update: This sale is now over, but you can see all current offers on our sale page here.

It’s sale time again at ECigaretteDirect, The Smoker’s Angel. Plus we also have important information on XMAS delivery dates and on a customer rewards scheme we are testing.

Christmas Special Kit Offer – Update!

We had to change our last XMAS special offer as there was so much demand we nearly ran out of car adaptors!

We have more on our way, but for now we are replacing the car adaptor with a free lanyard.

So now with each standard, menthol or zero nicotine kit you also get:

and a:

Smoker's Angel Lanyard.

This part of our sale is ongoing.

2. Cartridges and Mixed Refills Discount

This month the code snow will get you 12% off refills. The offer is valid until 3rd December.

Plus, we are also doing a special promotion on our mixed refills. While promotional stocks last, these are now on sale at £8.99 £7.99.

3. Eliquid Special offer

Get 22% off, plus three of our very new smaller clearomisers, with every 6 bottles of  Halo e-liquid you order. (No code necessary!)

Don’t forget…

One of our newest products – a disposable electronic cigar with a soft end that makes it taste, feel and look just like a real cigar! At just £7.99, this is a fun Christmas present for cigar smokers!

Christmas Dates: Last Dispatch at 12 Noon on 2oth December

Santa with motorcycle

Last year we dispatched right up until the last minute before Christmas.

Unfortunately, a large number of last-minute parcels went missing, and we had to redispatch many orders.

We presume this is because of the pressure the Royal Mail is under. So, this year rather than see so many orders go missing we’re going to finish our dispatching at 12.00 noon on the 20th December.

We’ll dispatch again between Christmas and the New Year but please remember that there’s likely to be a backlog both with us and the Royal Mail – if possible, please get your orders in early!

We’ll still be available to help you if you need any assistance!

In Progress: Your customer rewards scheme

Gold coins.

I can’t count the number of times people have asked us for a rewards scheme. Some people have referred as many as 6 customers to us, and as you’ve pointed out it’s only fair to give out a reward.

So we’re currently testing a customer rewards scheme!

The idea is you earn rewards for:

  • referring customers
  • making purchases
  • birthdays
  • much more!

This is still in beta testing, but it’s live, and we’d love you to help us test the software out! When you log in to your account, you’ll see any points you have gained – just let us know how (and if!) it is working for you, and what we could improve!

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4 thoughts on “Huge E-Cigarette Sale and Important Updates

  1. Thank you again for good discounts.

    As regards the new rewards system….. A great idea and I have saw the points I have already earned for an order this week. I see points can be gained by registering on site and registering for signing up to emails. I think everyone who has already registered and signed up should get those reward points automatically added to their accounts otherwise it is not fair that new customers will get them, and those of us who have been regular customers will miss out. Just an idea.

    I will be ordering again soon to get stocked up for over the Christmas holidays, so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the staff and their families.

  2. Hi Jill

    As always, thank you for your feedback, Jill! I’ve already asked our developers if people can have points if they have already signed up to the newsletters, and I think you’re right about getting points if you’re already registered. Not 100% sure if we can tweak the app we are using to do it, but if we can we will 🙂

    Thanks for your good wishes, hope you have a great Xmas and New Year too!



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