The Best of the Ashtray Blog in 2012


A man exhales a cloud of cigarette smoke.

In January, we wrote our most popular post of all time:

Are e-cigarettes safe: the shocking truth!

had an incredible 26,000 shares at the time of writing!



Ticking time bomb.


In February we looked at the danger of batteries after a modified e-cigarette exploded – and found that ball point pens are still a bigger killer than batteries.


A woman holds her hand to her mouth, wincing in pain as she does so.

In March we heard from several reporting side effects that sounded like they were caused by quitting smoking. We put together a post for people concerned on what to expect when you quit smoking.



Picture of Debra.


Our most popular post in April (1667 shares) was the story of Debra, an Empyhsema sufferer who found some relief by switching to ecigs.


The Smoker's Angel holding a question mark.

Our most popular post in May was our discussion of which was better – regular or refillable ecigs. We also covered the history of e-cigarettes!


Drinking with friends.

June saw us highlight how campaigners were now campaigning against passive eating, drinking and vaping.


Kissing a smoker poster.

In July we asked how denormalisation could be a valid argument for banning the e-cigarette!


A beating heart framed on a black background.

August was a month of positive studies, including one on the (non) risk of passive vaping and another one on e-cigs effect on the heart. (Image from Photoshop Gurus.) Meanwhile, our own fun survey found that people think vaping is sexier than smoking 😉


Head shot of Konstantinos Farsalinos.

September saw Paul Bergen interviewing the author of the e-cigarette heart study, Cardiology researcher Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos. We also broke the news of an EU plan to ban ecigs – although a spanner was put in the plan when the man behind the ban had to resign after being accused of soliciting bribes from tobacco companies.


A woman stands in front of a grey wall with skin where her mouth should be.

October saw us examine how the internet was stopping a campaign to ban ecigs. We also scoured the internet to find the ten funniest vaping videos – check them out here if you need a laugh!


Head shot of Clive Bates.

November saw an interview with the former director of Action on Smoking and Health, Clive Bates – and some very positive comments on e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction.


The End Is Near

Finally, in December we asked 11 top vaping bloggers what their predictions for 2013 were – here are their answers!

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