Daily Mail Apologises for Negative E-Cigarette Story: Says Knows of No Experts who Say Electronic Cigarettes are More Dangerous than Cigarettes

In January this year I covered a story about a negative Dail Mail story on E-Cigarettes which claimed experts argued e-cigarettes were more dangerous than tobacco cigarettes, but failed to back the story up with expert comments.

Clive Bates, myself and other vapers wrote to the Press Complaints Commission and the story was pulled.

Now the Daily Mail has published an apology. Unfortunately, I can’t find a link to the apology  – the best I have managed to do is a screenshot from the Daily Mail kindle app:

Screenshot from Kindle app showing Daily Mail apology.

For those with text based browsers, the apology reads as follows:

Corrections and Clarifications:

A Health article on January 27 said some experts believe electronic cigarettes can be more harmful than real ones. In fact we are not aware of any experts who hold this view compared to the risks of cancer, heart disease and lung damage from real cigarettes. We apologise for any contrary suggestions.

Unfortunately, the apology is not nearly as visible as the article was – an article which could persuade smokers to continue smoking, with the attendent risk of death and disease.

Nevertheless, a huge thanks to Clive Bates for reporting the issue to the Press Complaints Commissions, one of several valuable lessons in campaigning the former ASH director has taught us!

Update: Thanks to Gul Baloch (whose internet skills are obviously better than mine!) for finding the link to the apology: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/article-2288115/Corrections-clarifications.html.

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9 thoughts on “Daily Mail Apologises for Negative E-Cigarette Story: Says Knows of No Experts who Say Electronic Cigarettes are More Dangerous than Cigarettes

  1. A small apology is better than none at all. At least in the U.K., there are laws that force the press to redact erroneous statements. Here in the states, the “free press” is exactly that (setting aside the fact that you do have to buy the paper). They are free to write whatever they want and support any agenda they care to with no threat of repercussions.

    1. I was planning to say something positive about the Daily Mail after they issued an apology, but the fact you couldn’t actually find it online made me held back. Still, as you say, at least they pulled the story and published an apology.

      I believe the system is semi self-regulatory here, but at least there is some way to complain. Opinion is one thing, but false statements another.

  2. I have NO plans to say anything nice about the Daily Mail for their (let’s face it) pretty grudging admission that they quite deliberately made up a scaremongering story with absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever.

    I shall save my plaudits for Clive Bates, James and anyone else who was good enough to voluntarily spend some of their time raising the issue with the Press Complaints Commission. Well done, each and every one of you. It is cheering to see that at least some tiny part of “the system” works as it is supposed to – even if such an event is much, much rarer than hen’s teeth, and most definitely rarer by far than rubbish being printed in national newspapers.

  3. Thank you all so much for all of your efforts in making sure that this information gets out there. I really admire and appreciate what you do for the vaping community.

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