Take The Electronic Cigarette Lung Survey – and Win One of Four Great Prizes!

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Update: The survey is now closed. Thank you for everyone who has participated – we received over 1200 responses. Congratulations to Philippe, Kev Mercer, Rebel Pixie and Chris who won £50.00 to spend on ECigaretteDirect.co.uk.

Update 2: The results are now out – click here to check them out!

If you have ever researched electronic cigarettes and the lungs (probably not!) you’ll find there is very little data.

When I was researching a blog post (to be published shortly!) on this topic I found lots of people have reported improvements in breathing, ability to exercise and lung capacity after switching to e-cigarettes, but as far I know their responses have never been collated or measured.

So I’d like your help 🙂

Researcher Paul Bergen and I have put together a survey to help us get more information on how switching to ecigs affects the lungs.

The survey takes just a couple of minutes to complete, and you get four chances to win a £50 voucher to spend on ECigaretteDirect.co.uk.

The more replies we get, the better, so if you run a blog or a website and you’d like to host the survey on your blog, just contact me or let me know in the blog comments and I’ll send you the embed code.

Thanks to Ghyslain, Luc, Keyzgirl, Steve Chase and Bogey from Vaper’s Voice for giving the survey a dry run, and their valuable feedback!

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7 thoughts on “Take The Electronic Cigarette Lung Survey – and Win One of Four Great Prizes!

  1. Hey, if you want it to be translated free of charge into Russian, please let me know!

    ps: only that someone else will have to upload it to Survey Monkey. Not me.

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