Awesome Sale, Potluck Eliquid Giveway and New Products

Update: This sale is now over, but you can see our latest discounts on our UK e-cigarette sale page.

It’s sale time at

This month we have a pot luck eliquid special offer, cartridge discounts and our two for one special offer on Smoker’s Halo ecigs, which will end this month.

All offers will end on Tuesday 2nd July.

Eliquid Pot Luck: Get two random flavours (imported only)

This month we have a pot luck special offer on our eliquids. Order any six imported eliquids and you’ll get two random flavours put in with your order. (You’ll get the same strength as the other eliquids you order.)

Click here to check out our range of awesome UK e-liquid flavours!

Smoker’s Halo Tobacco Kits: Two for one

Standard Smoker's Halo kit.

Until  Tuesday 2nd July you can still get two Halo kits (tobacco only) for the price of one (no code necessary). We’ve run this offer for a while, and have nearly used up our surplus stock, so this offer will be finished after next Tuesday.

10% Off Smoker’s Halo Refills

Get 10% off all our regular smoker’s halo refills with the code June13. Click here to see our full range of e-cigarette cartridges!

New Product: The Halo Tank-1

Our new Halo Tank is a stripped down version of our ultra tank, containing a:

  • 1 1000 mAh battery
  • 1 upgraded CE5 clearomiser with replacable wick and atomiser
  • 1 USB charger
  • manual
  • 1 year warranty on battery and charger, and one bottle of e-juice (choice of flavours)

Our two new members of staff, Gemma and Sarah, very kindly volunteered to demo (model?) the tank, and we’d thought it be a nice way to introduce them at the same time.

Here’s Gemma, holding up a Smoker’s Halo Tank-1 with a new red CE5 clearomiser (which will be available to order later this month):

Gemma with a Smoker's Halo Tank 1.

Sarah, demonstrating with the Halo Tank-1:

Sarah demonstrates our new Smoker's Halo-1.

And Gemma again getting some good vapour production going (she also amazed us with her vapour rings!):

Gemma exhales vapour.

Click here to check it out!

New Flavour of the Month

Our flavour of the month for July is Blueberry Burst e-liquid, with 15ml bottles now on at the reduced price of £5.49. (We’ve already had really good feedback on this one!)

Also new on the site are:

White Wine Eliquid: Some of our staff believe this has a Bacardi taste to it.


And Spearmint Eliquid, which like our new BlueBerry flavour has also had good feedback!

TRY FOR FREE: Visit our shops in Swansea and Neath and try the new flavours for free!

Exciting New E-Cig Accessories and Flavours Coming Soon

We are currently working on increasing the range of choice you can get with a range of new products.

These include:

CE5 Clearomisers: Coming in a range of colours, which can be stripped down and have a replacable wick and atomiser
Bling Batteries: Super tank batteries in a range of colours – great for a night out.
New flavours: Our next flavour will be Hemp!

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Sale, Potluck Eliquid Giveway and New Products

  1. Oh, that’s lovely. I’ll be looking at the new stuff for my next order. Love the coloured clearos. Blueberry eliquid sounds wonderful. I don’t need anything now. But in future, I’ll definitely order some of the new stuff. I’m glad you mentioned spearmint. I’ve been wanting a minty flavour eliquid for ages!

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