The Eight Most Popular E-Liquid Flavours

Want to know which are our most popular flavours?

Last week over two hundred of you chose your favourite flavours, as well as the flavour you would most like to choose next.

Check out these images showing our most popular flavours. Plus, see below for a ten percent discount code to use on any eliquid or cartridge flavour shown here.

Most Popular Cartomiser Flavours

Tobacco and Menthol are the clear winners here, with cartomiser fans seemingly less interested in less common flavours such as Vanilla and Cherry.

Graph showing the most popular cartomiser flavours.

Eight Most Popular Eliquid Flavours

Intriguingly, there’s a clear difference between website visitors and shop visitors.

When people visit us in our shops, we give them a range of flavours to try out to see which is their favourite.

The favourite is Classic Virginia. Obviously you can’t try all our flavours on our website, and American Red easily beats Popular Blend in popularity on the web, although the most popular is the non-tobacco menthol flavour.

Graph showing which eliquid users prefer.

The Eliquid Flavours People Most Want to Try Next

Now it gets interesting! Although vapers who answered our survey are currently using fairly standard flavours, many of you are interested in trying our newer and more exotic flavours.

Bubblegum is clearly the favourite, followed by Pinapple Coconut Rum, and Absinthe, coming in at number four, also gets a look in.

Graph showing the eliquid flavours people most want to try next.

Discount Code

Want to try one of these flavours? Use the code flavour to get ten percent off any of our e-liquid or e-cig cartomiser flavours. The code is valid until Tuesday 18th June 2013.


Congratulations to the ten winners of our competition, who win the flavour of their choice. They are:

  • Angela Greer
  • Alvin Jones
  • Dave Ward
  • Will Bailey
  • Kevin Newbury
  • Gina Weathrall-King
  • Carrie Aitken
  • Simon Robson
  • Roy Gilbert
  • Steve Norton

5 thoughts on “The Eight Most Popular E-Liquid Flavours”

  1. I love all the fruit flavours. The strawberry one is gorgeous! I really like the pipe and cigar flavours. Menthol is lovely, and the tobacco flavours. Coffee is fantastic! I’ve tried a few of the others but the ones mentioned here are my absolute faves, along with American Red.

  2. Menthol is my favourite, especially the ice menthol. Have to give that a try James, it actually sounds quite nice.

  3. All of the fruit flavors are my favorites. I love the strawberry one! Smoking pipes and cigars is my favorite flavor. The flavors of menthol and tobacco are delightful. It’s great to drink coffee! The ones mentioned here, along with American Red, are my absolute favorites.

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