ECigaretteDirect in The Metro – Plus Some Clarifications!

Metro story on ECigaretteDirect

We’ve been featured in the Metro in a largely positive story on e-cigarettes and the EU’s attempt to ban them.

However, there are a few things I’d like to clarify!

Vaporising Waste Products

E-cigarettes contain nicotine but vaporise waste products.

I’m not quite sure what Jayne meant by this (perhaps referring to vapour?), but waste products are not used in the production of eliquid.


Electronic cigarette retailer says hundreds of jobs could be lost if the EU is successful in imposing tighter regulation on products containing nicotine.

In fact (and I can’t remember what I actually said in the interview), it’s more like thousands of jobs.

These include:

  • factory workers in e-liquid factories
  • shop staff
  • dispatch staff
  • market traders

That’s not to mention all the spin off jobs – for example, we work with web design companies, printers, designers, photographers, dispatch companies and many others.

Some of these jobs are well paid – we personally are signed up to the Living Wage foundation and pride ourselves on paying above average wages.


A million pounds is obviously an estimate. The total cost could be less than a million pounds, but it could also be a lot more than a million if animal testing and clinical tri(which the MHRA cites as a possibility) is required.

The article is right when it says a separate licence will be needed for each flavour sold. In addition, I understand from ECITA that a licence will be needed for every new product (not something I mentioned in the interview) – with the speed of innovation in the e-cigarette industry, that would mean several new licences a year. The result would be to kill innovation and limit flavours, probably to a generic tobacco flavour.

Quit Claim

“E-cigs are used by people who want to quit smoking but many just want a healthier alternative.”

Actually our position is that e-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking for people who can’t or don’t want to quit!

Absurd Legislation

‘If the proposal goes ahead there would be an odd situation created where standard cigarettes with more damaging effects would not have this burden, but e-cigs would.’

This is correct. As the MHRA has admitted, the legislation would ban every current device on the market while cigarettes, which scientists estimate are between 100 and 1000 times more dangerous than tobacco cigarettes, remain freely available.

Legal Situation

This is actually more hopeful than appears in the article.

  • so far courts in both the US and the EU have rejected the definition of ecigs as a medicine
  • the EU’s own legal committee voted against them
  • our (ECITA’s) counsel’s opinion is that the legislation would be illegal as contrary to the principles of proportionality and discrimination

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