Daily Mail Headline on French Vaping Study

Is the French E-Cig Study an Attempted Smear Campaign?

Unfortunately, I missed the furor which surrounded the recent French study as I was away on holiday.

In case you missed it, details from an unpublished French study on electronic cigarettes were sent to the press, leading to articles like:

Daily Mail Headline on French Vaping Study

Fortunately, what details have been released has been analysed by people like Dr Konstantinos from ecig research and Tom Pruen from ECITA, and this post draws heavily on their expert views.

Although the study has not been published or peer reviewed, scientists have been able to analyse the data that has been released. Not only are the levels found not of a concern, they compare favourable to cigarettes and nicotine inhalers, as can be seen below:

Comparison of chemicals in electronic cigarettes, nicotine inhalers and tobacco cigarettes.

Key Points

  1. The study has not been released, or peer reviewed.
  2. All harmful ingredients detected were well below those that can be found in tobacco smoke.
  3. A previous study which found similar level of chemicals declared the quantities found were below daily threshold limits (see Professor Carl Phillip’s analysis here for further information.)
  4. Information that has been released has already been criticised by scientists.
  5. No mention was made of the laboratory used.
  6. There was no information on the devices used, although the fact there were no safety caps suggests it is not a reputable brand.

Ultimately, though, enough information has been released for scientists like Dr K Farsolinos to draw the conclusion that the results are not a cause for concern – but the way they have been misrepresented is.

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10 thoughts on “Is the French E-Cig Study an Attempted Smear Campaign?”

  1. Nothing will surprise me. Just consider the silent or behind closed doors of rich lobbyist cashing-in to profit BIG BIG CIGARETTE/TOBACCO COMPANIES to the detriment of E-cigs ? There is the likeness of more false rumours over E-cigs to come until the lobbying and sabotage will dissolve to the favours of VAPOURING !

  2. I would believe Dr Michael Siegel and Dr K Farsalinos any day. I certainly wouldn’t believe anything I read in the Mail, so much so I couldn’t be arsed to read it. They change their mind about almost everything.

    1. Yes:


      Here’s one quote from the Daily Mail:

      “E-cigarettes may not be perfectly safe, but even if some currently unknown risk materializes, they are likely to be orders of magnitude safer than normal cigarettes”


      And on a different day:

      “E-cigarettes contain chemicals that make some ‘as harmful as normal tobacco”


    1. I think it will go through, but eventually be defeated in court. The recent German decision that e-cigarettes are not a medicine adds an additional precedent to existing precedents, but its not the only legal argument our counsel has come up with.

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