Leatherette ecigarette pouch lanyard

E-Cig Pouch Lanyards

New on ECigaretteDirect.co.uk, The Smoker’s Angel – A new range of pouch lanyards available in 9 different colours. Available for just £2.99!


Leatherette Pouch Lanyards

These pouch  lanyards are becoming a strong favourite in our shops and make a great gift for any Tank or Halo ecigarette user.

Click here to view on the website, or check out the pics of our staff modelling the lanyards below!

Dan with Green Ecigarette Lanyard
Dan showing off the green pouch lanyard


Gemma with pink ecigarette pouch lanyard
Gemma with a pink pouch lanyard


John with his blue ecigarette pouch lanyard
John with a blue pouch lanyard


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