Nigel Farage in his office with a HALO Ultra Tank kit.

Nigel Farage Vaping The Halo Tank

I’ve argued before that UK’s major parties are in danger of losing votes to UKIP over EU attempts to ban electronic cigarettes.

Now UKIP leader Nigel Farage has posted a video of himself – using our Halo Tank kit with an Aspire clearomiser. (A transcription is available at the bottom of this post.)

How To Lose Votes to UKIP

There’s well over a million ecigarette users in the UK, and over 80% have indicated they would change their vote to defend their right to vape.

Survey showing how vapers would vote.

In fact, I’ve even heard vapers say:

“I’d never thought I’d say this, but I think I am going to have to vote UKIP in the next election.”

Vapers are increasingly organised, and as the word spread that the EU are going to ban refillable ecigarettes, mainstream parties that don’t defend the rights of vapers are going to lose votes.

Full text:

“Well there’s no end to the interference here in Brussels.

“In a meeting with officials and MEPs the subject of ecigarettes came up.

“And they are going to allow these [indicates regular ecigarette].

“These are the little ones, mostly made by the pharmeceutical lobby and by big tobacco. But into this vacumn have come a whole host of entrepreneurs producing these kind of things [holds up Ultra Tank] with refillables. And these things are remarkable – let me show you.

“I have to say, as a smoker, frankly, I haven’t yet given up, but I could do, very easily, and there are 1.8 million people in Britain that are using these things. It’s cutting down tobacco consumption massively, it’s spawning a whole new industry and yet these refillable larger cigarettes are now due to be banned.

“This will now go to the Council of Minister and I want to see the British government stand up and say we under no circumstances will accept this.

“Will they? I am not so sure.”

Thanks to Dick Puddlecote for spotting Farage using our ecigarette and sending this video to me!

2 thoughts on “Nigel Farage Vaping The Halo Tank”

  1. Many politicians seem to be under the impression, that if they tax you to death and treat you like a second class citizen and then take away your only escape route, you will still vote for them. Not a chance.

    The opposition to e cigs by vested interests has politicized many vapers and hopefully smokers who are thinking are switching.

    If politicians think that quit or die is the only option for smokers, then I don’t want to listen to anything they’ve got to say, never mind vote for them.

  2. I’ve already heard it called a protest vote if you vote UKIP. Me? I couldn’t care less what anyone calls it. They’re for me if they can pull this country back to any semblance of order. But then, isn’t that what the British public has always done? Listened to all the varied ‘promises’ from each party, and chosen the ones they like best according to what’s ‘promised’? And when has that ever worked?

    But there ya go, if these lot are for the e-ciggy and can do anything to help us vapers, let’s give ’em a chance to prove it…

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