Reads: New! The Smoker's Halo: Announcing a brand new range of HALO premium UK E Liquid.

Announcing An Exciting New Range of HALO UK Produced Premium Eliquid

Reads: New! The Smoker's Halo: Announcing a brand new range of HALO premium UK E Liquid.

Over the last few months we’ve been working on a Top Secret mission at our Top Secret HQ:

Sign saying the Top Secret headquarters of ECigaretteDirect, The Smoker's Angel.

to produce our own Premium HALO UK eliquid.

In fact, you can already find our eliquid in our shops, and with some of our resellers, but it’s taken some time to ramp up production to the stage where we can supply website customers too.

(Plus our staff keep coming up with new ideas to improve the flavour, like steeping every eliquid flavour for a week to improve flavour before sending it out!)

Made from the Finest Ingredients

A selection of brightly coloured fruit.

When you buy our UK eliquid, you’re buying juice which is made from pharmaceutical grade nicotine sourced from a top UK supplier.

All non-tobacco flavours are also UK sourced.

Matured Like a Fine Wine

Wine maturing in barrels in a wine cellar.

Just like a fine wine, eliquids benefit from maturing before use.

All our in-house HALO e-liquid is steeped before being bottled for production.

We’ll be talking more about steeping soon, and also running blind tests with revewiers with steeped and unsteeped eliquid. Watch this space!

Tested In-House AND by Government Approved Labs

Gwyn tests eliquid in the Smoker's Angel Lab.

Our HALO UK eliquid is manufactured and tested under the supervision of our in-house pharmacologist, Gwyn Taylor, who has also come up with innovative ways to ensure greater accuracy of test results. We also send HALO eliquid samples to a UK Government approved lab to ensure purity of content and accuracy of nicotine levels.

Click here for an example of a testing certificate for the latest batch of our Virginia 2.4% E Liquid.

Gwyn will also be publishing a blog post soon on how he tests eliquid.

The Great Taste of HALO Eliquid

Staff at The Smoker's Angel test new flavours.

Each new flavour is tasted by staff members who love vaping.

In fact, we even have vaping sessions where we sit down with a cup of tea and try out new flavours, rating each one out of five.

(It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it!)

We also periodically send out new flavours to reviewers who give us informal feedback before we move into production.

No eliquid moves past the testing stage unless we are satisfied it matches our awesomeness requirements.

(To experience the full great taste of HALO eliquid, we recommend using it with our Aspire Bottom Dual Coil clearomiser.)

Great Quality at Reasonable Prices

Reads: Quality - Ingredients, Steeping, Testing

We strive for high quality, safety and a great taste, but you’ll find that our eliquid is also reasonably priced, as we’ve tried to pass on shipping and import duty savings to you, the customer.

And we haven’t done that at the expense of our staff – every single person who works for ECigaretteDirect, The Smoker’s Angel is paid a Living Wage or more.

Watch This Space…

As we increase production, you’ll find a greater range of flavours appearing on our site. You’ll also find fun competitions to win free bottles of HALO eliquid.

Enough information? Click here to check out our new range of Premium UK eliquid, or visit any of our shops to try for free.

Reviewers Wanted

We’re so confident that our eliquid makes the grade that we have got batches ready to send to up to ten UK reviewers.

If you are an established reviewer, contact me on [email protected] with your blog/YouTube channel, preferred eliquid strength and  postal address.

(Please note, we may not be able to send out liquid for every request immediately, but all reviewers will go on our review list for future trials.)


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