Super Clearomiser Twitter Competition

Clearomiser Madness: Three Chances To Win Five Great Prizes

Retweet and follow to win:

  • a mini Aspire ET Clearomiser
  • an Aspire CE5 Clearomiser
  • five replacement Aspire coils (atomiser and wicks)
  • a Kanger Pro-Tank 2
  • a Vivi Nova clearomiser

If you’re a fan of clearomisers, this competition is for you! Get THREE chances to win FOUR different clearomisers PLUS FIVE replacement heads.

Simply follow and retweet the Tweet below to enter

ENTRY NOW CLOSED, thank you so much to everyone who entered! 

To see who won, click here!

The competiton is free,  takes seconds to enter and the odds are 500,000 times better than the National Lottery 😉

All you need is a bit of speed – the competition will end on the 12th March, so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to win these great prizes:

1. Mini Aspire Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser


We’re proud of the mini-aspire clearomiser, which was built by Aspire to our specifications, and gives a fantastic alternative to the larger Aspire clearomiser. In contrast to the Aspire, it’s compact and it also comes with a very attractive sleek steel drip tip.

2. The Aspire Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) Clearomiser 

Aspire CE5 BDC clearomiser

The Aspire Tank has been called the best clearomiser around today, and we agree! The bottom coil design means that gravity ensures the atomiser is always soaked in eliquid, while the dual coil atomiser gives it that extra whoomph you need for a great vaping experience.

3. Five Replacement Atomiser Heads

Aspire Replacement Coils

Some people buy regular clearomisers to save money, but in the case of the Aspire that’s a false economy.

That’s because when an atomiser burns out, you can simply replace the head of the clearomiser at a fraction of the cost of buying a new clearomiser.

Even better, these replacement heads allow you to vary the resistance of your atomiser. Choose between 1.6Ω (Ohm) resistance atomisers (give a super vape but only last for 2-3 days), 1.8Ω or 2.1Ω.

Check out the video below for instructions on how to change the wick and atomiser on the Aspire BDC, or click here to view the replacement coils on our website!

4. Kanger Pro Tank

Kanger Protank 2 Clearomiser

Not everyone agrees with us that the Aspire clearomiser is the best clearomiser around – and those who disagree usually go with the very sleek looking Kanger Pro Tank. You’ll love the vape, and you’ll look good vaping it too!

5. The Vivi Nova Advanced Clearomiser

Vivi Nova Clearomiser

Need a large capacity, the ability to vary the resitance of your atomiser AND an easy way to mix different flavours?

This monster of a clearomiser does all this, with a 3.5ml capacity, a separate chamber for adding a new eliquid flavour and 2 replacement heads (1.8 and 2.8 ohms).

For more information on clearomisers and how to use them, check out The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Clearomisers. 

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13 thoughts on “Clearomiser Madness: Three Chances To Win Five Great Prizes

  1. I have an Aspire clearo and I just LOVE it… but I could really use some new heads/coils for it… 🙂
    Thanks for the chance!!

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