The Ultimate Beginners to Ecig Batteries

Electronic Cigarette Batteries: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

From avoiding exploding batteries to maximising the life of your electronic cigarette battery, this guide covers everything most vapers need to know. We’ve partially based this guide on dozens of customer questions we have received over the years, but if there is anything you want to know which is not covered in this guide just […]

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A man with a cigarette holds his hand up to a pub outside heater.

How to Stop The Welsh Ban On Ecigs

Are you feeling annoyed at the prospect of a Welsh ban on ecigarettes in public places? If so, it’s worth remembering that vapers did manage to stop the EU from medicalising ecigarettes. The people who won that battle were the vapers who wrote to their MEPs and explained how an effective ban on electronic cigarettes […]

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RT to Win Clearomiser Competition

Super Eliquid and Clearomiser Giveaway: FIVE Great Prizes To Be Won

It’s competition time again at the Ashtray Blog, and once again you can win a superb collection of clearomisers PLUS FIVE bottles of UK produced premium HALO eliquid in the flavours of your choice. Competition now closed, congratulations to winners @schristieauthor @JGoldthrite @thirisunshine! The Prizes We’re giving away three sets of clearomisers, coils and eliquid worth […]

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Are e-cigarettes bad for you?

Are electronic cigarettes bad for you? The shocking truth.

The answer is probably yes. But if you change the question to: Are electronic cigarettes safer than tobacco cigarettes? You’d get a very different answer, at least from scientists involved in ecigarette research. That’s because while ecigarettes are not healthy for you in an absolute sense, many scientists believe they could be 100 or more […]

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Two people smoking outside.

Breaking News: Wales Bans Ecigs In Public Places

Wales has announced plans to ban ecigarettes in public places today, despite the fact that several studies (such as this and this) have proved that ecigarettes do not cause passive ‘vaping’. The excuse? That the ban is to protect the Welsh government’s denormalisation policy. Denormalisation is a deliberate policy to stigmatise smoking and make smokers appear, […]

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