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New Regulations To Hammer Down Number of Vapers by 70%

Over 2,000,000 people in the UK now vape.

A third of those have stopped smoking, while two thirds have already successfully reduced the tobacco consumption.

Unknown numbers of ex-smokers have stopped using both cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

It’s a massive gateway AWAY from smoking.

But that could all change if the UK follows the path of Spain.

How Regulation Lead to a 70% Decrease in Vaping

Wales and Scotland want to ban ecigs in public places. Spain has already done so, and the results are clear.

  • a 70% decrease in the number of people vaping
  • a 60% decrease in the number of vaping shops, with another 20% predicted to follow

Like the Welsh government did last year, the Spanish government has also attacked the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes. That’s despite the fact that:

  • scientists believe ecigarettes could be 100 times or more safer than cigarettes
  • an ASH study shows that ecigs are NOT a gateway to smoking
  • a new French study, used by the Welsh government as evidence for a smoking ban, suggests that ecigarettes have HALVED the rate of youth smoking
  • new evidence shows that ecigarettes are 60% more effective than nicotine gum and patches

The Spanish National Vaping Association (ANEV) believes that the reason for government attacks on ecigs is simple.

To protect the profits of large pharmaceutical companies (which, as we have pointed out before, are lobbying hard against the ecigarettes which compete with smoking cessation aids and drugs.)

Of course, the regulations will also destroy many jobs and small businesses.

But it seems clear that, despite lip service our EU, national and regional governments care little about either our jobs or our lives.

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7 thoughts on “New Regulations To Hammer Down Number of Vapers by 70%”

  1. James,

    Second time of trying to type this as your website ‘ate’ my first response !!

    The tide is turning. We all saw the opposition to Drakeford in the Senedd last week. Furthemore, two AM’s (Peter Black and Darren Millar) both publicly blogged their opposition to any restriction on ecigs in the last few days. They are not alone. We know that the Conservative AM’s oppose Drakeford’s proposals, and we now also know that the Lib-Dems also oppose such measures. Plaid also appear to have come across to our viewpoint (though not in as strong terms). That makes it a 50-50 split in the Senedd – not enough for the proposals to be carried.

    Even some Labour AM’s are uneasy about the proposals (though whether they will go rogue is another matter entirely). Furthermore, even Public Health Wales position is an isolated one.

    The Public Health England Symposium occurred last week and was attended by several members of the VTTV Team. Lorien has blogged on the events this week and it was also covered in detail on VT Talk last Sunday.

    The upshot is that we have seen a massive shift in stance by PHE. So much so that they now seem to be moving toward support for ecigs. PHE will have a massive influence on PHW. So much so that I believe PHW will have to take the same line as as PHE – which will leave Drakeford even more isolated.

    Apparently, Martin McKee was roundly booed for his opinions by his peers at the PHE Symposium last week. It has not gone unnoticed how quiet McKee has been ever since.

    The real nail in the head of the opposition was provided by the much publicised study issued by Prof Robert West which received massive publicity yesterday. That study was sponsored by Cancer Research UK – another of the bodies that Drakeford was relying on for his so-called ‘evidence’.

    I genuinely believe that it will take a gargantuan effort by the ANTZ to turn the argument around against us again. Quite simply, I believe the momentum that has been achieved over the last 7 days in support of ecigs is going to prove irresistable (even the Beeb are reporting ecigs in a positive light suddenly).

    In short, I do NOT see Wales going in the same direction as Spain. There has been a quantum shift over the last few days and I am confident that Drakeford is now so far out on a limb that his position might even be untenable.

    Just note the reaction when UK Labour released their ‘Mainfesto’ a few days ago. There was a monumental backlash against the Nanny-Statism it contained from all corners of both the political spectrum and from the media. So much so, that Ed Moribund was forced to backtrack considerably from it.

    The Public are finally seeing thru the Nanny-State ideals of Labour and this will not have gone unnoticed in the Senedd.

    I doubt Labour will be defeated in Wales in the Euros tomorrow, but we can only but hope that they get a bloody nose at least. That certainly seems to be the pattern that is emerging on a UK basis.

  2. Hi Simon

    Thanks for your email, and I do apologise for the blog eating your comments! We have a couple of small issues since updating the blog to the latest wordpress versions, which we are working on.

    I’d love to see the posts by the AMs you mentioned – do you have the links?

    It’s great news that the tide appears to be turning, although I do think we have to guard against complacency.

    On the other hand, a Welsh government civil servant told me that the main reason the Welsh Government released their proposals at the time they did was to distract attention from Ambulance Response times and criticism of the Welsh NHS, so I feel that this might not be that important an issue for them, and that with the evidence mounting up against them they may well give way.

    1. Hi James,

      My first response was much longer and far more detailed lol

      Assuming the website let’s me post the URL’s, they should appear below:

      Peter Black’s statement on ecigs


      Darren Millar’s statement on ecigs


      A link to Part 1 of Lorien’s blog on what happened at the PHE Symposium last week


      Finally, I would suggest that all your readers have a look at last Sunday’s VT Talk Show in which Dave Dorn, Sav, Oliver and Lorien (who were all present at the PHE Symposium) discuss what happened there. For those not familiar with VTTV, the link is below:


  3. You are very welcome James. Perhaps you should follow me on Twitter as I tweeted all those links earlier in the week too (and was re-tweeted several times) !! @Jester2109

  4. Done – I am surprised we didn’t follow you already 😉 The only problem with Twitter is that if you don’t catch it when it is being tweeted you can easily miss it.

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