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Interactive World Vaping Map: Quickly Check Where You Can Vape

A few weeks ago we published a guide to travelling abroad with your ecigarette.

(Thank you to everyone who shared helpful tips and stories!)

There’s a bit of a story behind it – we had hoped to publish this some time ago with an interactive world map, but our programmer got stuck on it.

Fortunately, the map has now been finished off, and it’s dead handy!

Simply navigate to the country you want, hover your mouse button over it and the regulations and advice for that country will pop up – or if you find it easier, use the scroll box in the top left hand corner to find your country.

If you have your own site or blog, and want to help out readers who might be travelling soon, you can also embed it in your site.

Click here to view the map (you can also see a miniaturised demo below).Embed this Map on your site | Also see: The Ultimate Guide for Travelling With Your ECigarette

Hovering over a country will highlight it in one of four colours to show what kind of regulation is in place:

Green – These are the countries in which ecigarettes are completely legal.

Orange – These countries tend to operate a two-tier system. This usually means regulation differs between non-nicotine products and nicotine products.

Red – Complete ban on ecigarettes whether they contain nicotine or not.

Grey – Countries where ecigarette regulation and legality isn’t clear – if you have any information on these, let us know!

Embed this map

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6 thoughts on “Interactive World Vaping Map: Quickly Check Where You Can Vape”

  1. Very nice map.
    Now, as for Croatia, the Law refers explicitly to tobacco, not to nicotine products. In reality you can vape, unless you come across a clueless anti-cig zealot. Then you need to do some explanation and hope for the best. However even such folks are less numerous here then in west EU and US.

    Also, there’s no need to stock up unless you intend to stay in a remote village or somewhere like that. Even in my neck of woods (less than 20,000 people) e-cigs can be bougt in two venues, one of them selling only e-cigs.
    On the other hand, it’s quite possible that our Gov is getting ready to implement whatever lords&masters from EU order and it may happen pretty fast. (Deep sigh of resentment followed by a sigh of resignation here)
    So, with all that taken into account, my suggestion would be to change Croatia’s colour to grey.

  2. Hi, James
    here’s the link to English translation of the ACT ON THE RESTRICTION OF THE USE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS from 2008.
    – tried to find something newer, amendments& stuff, and failed

    Also, I’ve been looking for anything regarding regulations on e-cigs specifically in Croatia and found nothing.

  3. Map seems a bit all over the place. If Belgium has the same status as the Nordic countries (nicotine classed as a medical product and they’re not issuing licenses = can’t sell proper eliquid) why is Belgium green and the others orange? And if you’re not allowed to vape in public places / must adhere to standard tobacco laws in both the Ukraine and Spain… well same thing there.

    Anyways, ecigs are definitely allowed in Belarus – actually found two decently sized and stocked shops in a single mall in Minsk. Not that I’d advise anyone to ever travel to Minsk, but there you go.

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