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Do You Have What It Takes to Be an E-Liquid Taster?

Are you an experienced e-liquid reviewer/taster?

Are you an e-liquid reviewer or an expert taster?

Are you interested in becoming involved in the development of new e-liquid flavours and the improvement of existing flavours?

If so, we want to work with you!

Why are we doing this?

E liquid production

We make our own Halo UK e-liquid in our purpose fit laboratory and produce it to the highest standards (you can read more about our e-liquid testing process here). But we want to make sure our e-liquid is as tasty and satisfying as possible, and that is where we’d like your help.

By providing us with your expert feedback, you’ll become involved in developing fantastic new e-liquid flavours – and make existing ones even better.

What’s in it for you?

Reward circle

Of course, we don’t expect you to do it for nothing! As a thank you, you’ll get:

  • Free e-liquid, BDC clearomisers* and variable voltage batteries
  • Feedback featured on our website
  • Exclusive and hefty discount codes
  • Discount codes for your readers/viewers
  • An official Halo e-liquid taster badge for your website (completely up to you whether you use or not!)
  • An opportunity to become personally involved with the commercial development of e-liquids
  • Your profile on our e-liquid tasters page

* We’ll be providing BDC clearomisers and batteries as these are what the majority of our customers use, and our eliquids works best with these devices. There’s no requirement to use them, and you are free to use your favourite vaping device with the eliquid.

Our top reviewers* will also get:

  • A page for you personally on our website, with a live link to your site/Youtube account/forum page.
  • Additional e-liquids and BDC clearomisers*
  • A gold Halo e-liquid taster badge
  • An even bigger discount code

* Based on number of reviews completed and quality of feedback.

The ideal e-liquid taster

The ideal e-liquid taster

Ideally you’ll:

  • be passionate about vaping
  • care deeply about quality
  • be able not just to critique an e-liquid, but to make suggestions for improvements
  • be an excellent communicator

What we are looking for:

  • A good palette
  • Track record of testing and/or reviewing e-liquid
  • The ability to provide fair and impartial feedback

Please note that candidates must be residents of the United Kingdom.

What we are expecting

Send us feedback of e-liquidOnce you have received your free e-liquid and hardware, we’ll ask you to fill in an online form with your feedback with any suggestions for improvement. We’ll also ask you to rate the e-liquid, and write a few comments on the flavour.

If a new flavour is approved, your comments may be featured on our website. E-liquids which receive a rating of good or excellent from at least 70%* of our panel will also receive a badge so that customers will know which e-liquids have been approved.

*Given the highly personal nature of taste, we think it’ll be difficult to get flavours that every reviewer will like. We think  70% sets a high bar without excluding tastes that will appeal to different people. 

Can I review the e-liquid I am tastingPlease bear in mind any e-liquids you are sent will be under development or redevelopment. If feedback is not good, the e-liquid may not be developed, or it may be changed before it is produced.

So while you are completely free to do what you want with the e-liquid, we’d prefer you to wait until the final e-liquid is produced if you would like to review it. And of course, we’ll be happy to send you the final e-liquid!


Then simply click here to complete our sign up form!

Got any questions? Let us know on [email protected]

Not for you, but know someone who might be interested? Then please send this post on 🙂

Applicants must be over the age of 18. Applicants must be residents of the United Kingdom. .

Do you have what it takes to be an e-liquid taster?


20 thoughts on “Do You Have What It Takes to Be an E-Liquid Taster?

      1. I love trying new flavor I am using impact e liquid and would love to try yours and giv3 feed back I vape all day every day I quit smoking with my vape

  1. I know I would be good at this because I have a very good palate and I know how to describe a flavor and if it would be an ideal flavor for long periods of vaping as some flavors become very nasty after a while such as Ex: lemon custard, or spear mint. With all the new flavor possibilities I would love to be one of the frontline guys to say yes or no to the wacky new flavors that may or may not become available on store shelves. As well as uploading taste reviews on my youtube page.

  2. I would love to be considered as I have a wide range of favourite eliquids with on of my top ones being red banshee. I am all ways trying new flavours and and weird flavours I gave up smoking and went to vapeing and will never go back been vapeing. For a good year and half and thing just get better as time goes on

  3. I am very interested in becoming a tester, it has intrigued me how eliquid has developed over the years and how my own vaping style, tecnique and preferences have changed and grown. I have a very open mind when it comes to taste and range of eliquid and don’t get missled by the look of a fancy bottle or packaging.

  4. I would love to join your team i always like to change my juice up and look at the tast content in it for example of u ever tryed unicorns milk its a smooth creamy inhale with a nice strawberry finish compared to thr metor milk by space jam is a harsh inhale with a strong stawberry taste and a faint alchohal tast to it and would love to help you guys with input to help improve your guyses juice

  5. i read all these comments and it makes me laugh if you want an unbiased,genuine and truthful review then give me a shout i vape 4+ years and my son vapes 2 years so no BS just honesty

  6. My husband and I own a The Vault Vapor Lounge in Oak Ridge, Tn. We are right on the county line of Knoxville, Tn., so we get a lot of customers from all over East Tennessee. We carry some of your flavors already and I think our customers would love to test and give their opinions on them. I think it would be a great way to get a lot of different opinions all in one place. Do let us know if you are interested in us putting your testers in our store.

  7. I am a vapor and have been for 3 years now and I have tried sooooo many different flavors and kinds of ejuice, I do it for vape shops all around.. I would like to test and try a little with you company!

  8. I would love to be a tester as well been looking forward to vaping for some time now I believe it would help me out in a big way.

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