Calling E-Cigarette and E-Liquid Reviewers

Are you an e-cig or e-liquid reviewer? Then we’d love to put you on our review list!

What are the benefits?

Try new products for free

Reviewing is a great way to try out new products and e-liquid without having to pay for them.

Discount codes

Typically, we’ll also provide you with a discount code so your readers can buy the product you are reviewing at a reduced price. Of course, if you fall in love with a juice you are reviewing you’ll also be able to buy it more cheaply!

Help other vapers to make informed decisions

There are tonnes of different juices and hardware out there, some great, some not so good. By sharing your experiences with other vapers, you’ll be helping them navigate the maze of choices out there so they can spend their money wisely!

What we look for

Fair but honest opinions

What we don’t expect is a glowing review if you don’t like the product! The ideal review, in our opinion, offers a well rounded and balanced review which helps inform customers making a buying decision.

Experience (this means previously published reviews!)

You do need to have published reviews before. This allows us to check that you can provide a fair and balanced review. We’ll ask you to provide us with an example of a review you have created so we can check the quality.

An established review platform

Your reviews can be on YouTube, forums, Reddit, blogs, podcasts or a website. If the platform you use is not included in that list, you just need to let us where you post your reviews so we can decide if it would be appropriate.

Please note we don’t send juice out to people who have never done a review before, or who can’t provide a sample review.


Because we are located in the UK, our preference is for EU and UK reviewers. However, if you are based in the US we will try to send you out juices from time to time.

To join our review list, simply click here to fill in a very short survey.

Example Review

Here’s a great example from long standing ECigaretteDirect reviewer Gareth Witty, reviewing the Aspire BDC clearomiser (at the time a very new product!)

The Halo Panel

If you’re an expert e-liquid reviewer, you may also be interested in our Halo Panel. It’s harder to get accepted (we currently have around 15 expert e-liquid tasters selected from over 150 applicants), but you do get the chance to get involved in the development of new e-liquid, as well as enjoying great discounts, free hardware and e-liquids. Click here if you are interested!

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