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How to Get Points and Rewards With ECigaretteDirect

Updated: July 2016

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After a couple of years with James writing blog posts week in week out, it only seems fair that it is my turn to take the helm for once! I have lost track of the number of times you have asked us for a rewards scheme, so after a bit of trial and error and a few months of testing the system, the rewards are here to stay!

Start Using & Earn 500 Points (Available to Spend Immediately)

The good news is that if you haven’t already signed up, you can get 500 points straight away. And you can spend them on your first order too!

To register, either click here or click on the register button at the top of the site:

Home page log in button.

Fill in the details (we’ve kept these as short as possible, so it should only take a few seconds) and click register.

Registration form on ECigaretteDirect.
Each point is worth 1 penny, and you’ll be able to start using them immediately.

Three Ways to Earn Points

Make a Purchase

Rewards are up for grabs in a number of different ways;

The first (and easiest!) way of getting your hands on the reward points is to log in to your ecigarettedirect account and place an order through the website.

Leave a Review

We think reviews are incredibly important, and we’ll really appreciate if you could leave your honest review to help other customers make informed decisions.

That’s why, when you leave a review, you earn a 25 points.

Gaining points when you leave a review is easy – just ensure you are logged in before writing one.

Refer a Customer

I often find myself hearing the words “I have referred so many people to you guys”, as much as we appreciate it we have had no way of showing it, until now!

For every customer referral we receive, you can claim a whopping FIVE HUNDRED POINTS!! All you need to do is:

i. Log in to your account.
ii. Click on my referrals.
iii. Send your friend your referral link, or type their name and email into the box.
iv. You get 500 points when they make their first purchase.

Spending your points


Now for the part you have all been waiting for, how to spend your hard earned points!

Simply go through your normal ordering regime, select the products you wish to purchase and hop on through to the checkout stage.

Towards the bottom of the page you will see a “slider” type bar.

Simply slide the bar along in order to spend your points!

Points slider on checkout page.

Do note – you must be signed in to see this slider bar!

You can keep track of all your savings and spending in the “My Points and Rewards” section of the account.

If you are still unsure of anything, leave a comment below or contact us with any queries.

All the best and happy vaping!

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  1. Brilliant site I recommend this site to all vapers amazing value for money and exceptional service especially delivery no problems and advice is second to none.

  2. Hi, I have ordered before a few times not knowing about loyalty points. Could you credit points from these orders?

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