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Introducing the Halo Tank 02 E-Cigarette Kit

Update: The Halo Tank 02 has now been replaced with the Jac Vapour S22. While we loved the Halo Tank 02, the longer battery life, increased power and easy top fill means the Jac Vapour S22 is an ever better alternative.

The Halo Tank 02 is the latest iteration of the Halo Tank, and it’s one we’re very proud of 🙂

Why a new tank system?

One problem we’ve found with regular tank systems is that users who enjoy vaping soon find themselves needing to upgrade to a device with more power and more vapour.

That usually means a big and expensive jump to something which is often very complicated to use.

Halo Tank Kit 02 Full Kit Black Purple Silver

So, what did you change?

With the Halo Tank 02, we wanted to provide a tank that would serve both those new to vaping AND vapers looking for the performance usually provided by advanced devices. What’s more, we wanted to combine this functionality with a tank that’s incredibly easy to use.

So in contrast to the original Halo Tank, you’ll find the Tank 02 provides 3 distinct levels of performance – all at the simple switch of a coil. From starter kit, to all-day-vape, to powerful cloud machine, it’s an all-in-one great looking, compact, powerful device, and removes the need to rapidly upgrade your device.

It’s also dead easy to use, with a simple single button operation, at a glance power indicator, and no nonsense usb charging with pass through technology which allows you to vape while you charge. The Tank Kit 02 puts the power back in your hands so you’ll never miss another puff.

Halo Tank Kit 02 Silver


  • One device: three different types of coils for three different kinds of vaping, providing everything from starter kit to direct lung vaping to cloud machine.
  • Three coils remove the need for regular upgrades to more powerful devices.
  • Simple to use – removes the endless complexity you get in more advanced devices.
  • Adjustable bottom airflow to choose between tight warm draw or light airy vape – or anything in between.
  • Pass through ability: vape while you charge.
  • A sleek beautiful device which looks good in your hand.
  • Battery indicator light gives clear warning before charge runs out.

The Coils – and what to use them for…

Mouth to lung (1 ohm)

  • Used for regular vaping.
  • More (airflow) resistance.
  • Uses less e-liquid.
  • Closer to smoking.
  • Less vapour.
  • Less power required – longer battery life.

Direct to lung (1 ohm)

  • High airflow means looser vape.
  • Cooler vapour.
  • Bigger clouds.
  • Uses more e-liquid.
  • Bigger hit from the nicotine.
  • Requires more power.

Sub ohm (0.5 ohm)

  • Direct lung coil.
  • Maximum nicotine hit.
  • Sub ohm for maximum clouds.
  • Larger chamber.
  • Cooler vapour.
  • Uses more e-liquid.
  • Requires more power.

  Halo Tank Kit 02 Coils

Tutorial: How to use the Halo Tank 02

As with all e-cig tanks, always turn off the tank 02 before putting it your pocket! Otherwise repeated presses of the button can lead to the device heating up.

Before use:

Always prime your coil, and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes before using.

To prime your coil, simply drip a little e-liquid into the centre of the coil.

Assembling the Halo Tank: Finger tight only!

No need to be HeMan! This is a precision device, so avoid over-tightening as this can damage it.


Using your Halo Tank 02 couldn’t be simpler. Simply press the button, inhale and enjoy.

Halo Tank Kit 02 Tank

How to change the coil

  1. Unscrew the tank from the battery.
  2. Turn the tank upside down.
  3. Unscrew the bottom section from the tank.
  4. Unscrew the coil from the bottom section.
  5. Replace with a new coil.
  6. Screw the bottom section back into the tank.

How to fill

  1. Unscrew the tank from the battery.
  2. Turn the tank upside down.
  3. Unscrew the bottom section from the tank.
  4. Drip e-liquid into the tank, taking care not to get any in the center tube.
  5. Keeping the tank upside down, screw the bottom section back into the tank.

Adjusting the airflow: How and why

At the bottom of the tank you’ll find the airflow control.

Simply twist the airflow control (left or right) to increase or decrease the airflow.

When there’s only metal behind the airflow control, it’s fully turned off, and when the airflow control is right over the hole, you will have maximum airflow.

More airflow will lead to a cooler vape which is better for clouds, while a tighter airflow leads to a warmer, tighter vape which delivers maximum flavour.

Halo Tank Kit 02 Battery and Tank

Battery Safety

Always turn off the device before putting it in your pocket or bag. For more safety see our Battery Safety Infographic.

Turning on and off

Press five times in rapid succession to turn the battery on or off.

Indicator lights

Green: Plenty of charge left (> 3.8 volts).
Blue: Reduced charge left (3.4 – 3.8 volts)
Red: Power running out – find a plug! (3.1 – 3.4 volts).
Red light flashes: Needs recharging.

Halo Tank Kit 02 Battery Charged

Other indicators:

  • Green flash x 6: Overtime protection. Activates if button pressed down for more than 10 seconds, battery will shut off.
  • Red flash x 6: Low voltage protection. Battery will shut off.
  • Multi-coloured, 3 flashes: Short circuit protection. Occurs if coil is damaged or if resistance of the coil is too low.

How to charge:

Connect to a USB charger using the slot at the bottom of the battery. Charging time is approx 1.5 hours.

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