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iStick Power Review and Tutorial

At a glance

The iStick range returns to our shelves with the “Power”, an 80w deceptively long lasting device, in a compact and sleek package. The originals were top sellers, and for good reason – they were simple to use, and did what they needed to do effectively. The iStick Power follows suit very well indeed.

Feature Score
Power Range 
Look & Feel 
Build Quality 
Ease of Use 
Advanced Features 

What We Like

  • Massive battery capacity for the size
  • Lightweight when compared to similar sized devices
  • Ease of use
  • Instruction leaflet

What We Like… Less

  • Micro USB port on base of mod
  • Mode and asjustment buttons a bit close together for large fingers and thumbs

Note: Build quality is on initial impressions and drop tests only, as it can take months to get a true impression. View full product details!
The iStick Power is available on ECigaretteDirect for £44.99

Eleaf iStick Power Mod Red


What’s in the Box?

  • Ipower Mod
  • Micro USB Charging/Transfer Cable
  • Instruction Leaflet

Key Features

  • Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
  • BatteryWattage Output: 1–80w
  • Modes: Temperature, Bypass, Smart, Wattage
  • USB Charging and Upgrading

For the full features see product description.

Eleaf iStick Power what's in the box

iStick Power Overview

The iStick range returns to our shelves with the “Power”, an 80w deceptively long lasting device, in a compact and sleek package. The originals were top sellers, and for good reason – they were simple to use, and did what they needed to do effectively. The iStick Power follows suit very well indeed.

As with many modern mods, the iStick comes with a range of advanced features. If you just want to enjoy the power and look of the device, don’t let these put you off – using the device can be as simple as screwing on your tank and pressing the up and down wattage buttons. But if you want to get your head around the advanced features, we cover them in the tutorial below.


Within its power range, the iStick Power is a great little performer. Cranked to the full 80W it seems to perform equally as well as both the Coolfire Ultra and Smok Alien (at the same power settings), and it doesn’t suffer from the “Is this the same/a new coil?” question that the other mentioned devices do when placing the tank on your mod.

When compared in Temp mode (using an Aspire Triton NI200 coil), to a DNA40 board, it hit 270c at around the same amount of time, and the Istick vaped just as well also.
Testing the Bypass function against the NX75 and a mechanical device, gave the expected results. When compared to the device with a regulating board in bypass, it fared well, but it does lack when compared to the real thing due to the circuitry giving a slight voltage drop. As I say, that is to be expected.

iStick Power Design

What can I say about the design of the iStick Power? It’s box shaped, with rounded edges. It’s hardly a revelation, but it does do it rather nicely.

Control layout is pretty standard too. The firing button in an ideal location for either forefinger or thumb firing, the clear customisable screen is placed between that, and the control buttons are neatly arranged at the bottom.

The iStick Power uses a Lithium Polymer battery rather than a Lithium Ion battery. These are similar to traditional Li-Ion batteries, but are not encased in a metal tube, making them lighter, and allowing a larger capacity for the same dimensions. This choice helps keep the dimensions down, keeping the iStick power at a manageable and comfortable size.

Finish-wise we have some attractive options, with brushed steel, brushed blue, and brushed wine, all giving the Ipower a nice sleek finish.

Eleaf iStick Power Silver Mod

iStick Power Tutorial: Step by Step Instructions

Standard Usage

As with other Isticks, the layout and functionality is pretty intuitive.

5 clicks of the power/fire button switches the device on and off, and the adjustment buttons take care of your power and temperature uppy downy needs.

To lock the settings, hold the power and fire buttons down together.

What is Mode Selector, and how do you use it?

Between the adjustment buttons is the mode selector. Hold this down to rotate between the many modes (Watts/Bypass/Smart/Temp/Temp Coefficient – explained below). If using Temp modes, hold the mode selection button down together with either the Up or Down adjustment buttons to adjust the wattage used. The higher the wattage, the faster the coil reaches temperature.

When setting a tank for temp modes (standard or TCR), we recommend you lock in the ohms.  Screw on the tank at ambient temperature (room temp), then hold power and up for approximately 2 seconds. The lock symbol will appear momentarily, to be replaced by the ohm symbol. Your resistance is now locked, and your temperature will be accurate.

Holding the power button together with the up button will allow you to change the screen displays. Resistance and battery level are always present, and you can choose to display either a traditional puff counter, a seconds puffed total or voltage display.

What is stealth mode, and how do you use it?

Stealth mode is a fairly common feature these days, and it simply refers to blacking out the screen. It might be of some use if you want to vape quietly in the dark without drawing attention. Turning on stealth mode is simple – just press the fire/power button and down button together.

How do you use switch display mode?

First, power the device off. Then hold the up and down buttons down for approximately two seconds. The display will rotate – great for left handed users.

Eleaf iStick Power Mod Silver, Blue & Red

Advanced Usage

What is the iStick’s Smart Mode, and how do you use it?

Smart Mode is a nice feature for those who like to swap tanks over with minimal fuss. Scroll through the modes, and stop at the Smart mode option, indicated by Lo and Hi either end of the screen.

We’ll illustrate this with an example. Let’s say you have a Nautilus Mini and an Atlantis Evo, both have different power requirements.

First screw on the Nautilus Mini, then set the power range between 8-13 watts. Remove the Nautilus, replace it with the Evo tank and set it between 35-45 watts. Now, when in Smart Mode, you can simply place either tank on. Due to the level of resistance pre-set in the preceding steps, it will automatically set the correct wattage for the tank.

What is TCR Mode, and how do you use it?

TCR mode controls the temperature of Coefficient. This is the figure used to dial in the resistance change under heat of specific material types, such as 316 SS compared to 317 SS, being 0.00092 and 0,00088.

This is the most complex of modes on the iStick Power, and wouldn’t be used unless you’re building your own coils. These settings are for when you use non standard temperature control wires, and you need to dial them in. Under the mode selector, the TCR settings are M1/M2/M3.

To pre set these you need to first turn the device off with 5 clicks of the power button. Once off, holding down power and up then brings up M1 TCR adjustment. Then click power to scroll through M1/M2/M3/Watts/Timer. For example, if you were using SS 317 wire, you would enter 0088 as your M setting, and then adjust the wattage (the higher the wattage, the faster it hits temp) to suit.

What the 2 second timer function is here, I really can’t figure out!


The iStick Power is perfect for vapers who want many mode options (Smart Mode I feel is especially excellent!), a built in battery with plenty of capacity, without the need for masses of power.

If you’re an intermediate vaper there’s no need to get deep into the advanced functions, but if you like more control over the vape these functions provide plenty of options!

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate vaper, this Eleaf mod offers an attractive, lightweight package, which is simple to use and offers very few drawbacks.

3 thoughts on “iStick Power Review and Tutorial

  1. I am very disappointed in the product.. I had to return one, and the one I just got the UBS charger port is broken.. how would I go about fixing this problem? Please let me know, it was 89$

    1. Hey Beth, that is disappointing. Usually we’ve found the iStick range to be reliable so maybe you have been unlucky 🙁 These are generally under warranty for at least three months (sometimes longer with batteries) so the supplier should change it for you.

  2. I’m on my second 1 because the charging port broke was over a year old tho it’s soldered str8 onto the board with thin wires gonna put some glue around this 1 to limit movement

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