End August Vaping Sale

SALE: 10% off E-Liquid & Cartridges

Are you running low on e-liquid and refills? Look no further! Now is the perfect time to stock up with our end of August sale. Plus, you can also find a great new price on one of our most popular box mods, the Eleaf iStick. 10% off E-Liquid & Cartridges Until the 1st of September […]

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Smok XPro M45 Tutorial Instructions

Xpro M45 Box Mod Tutorial

Update: Apologies, the Smok M45 is currently out of stock. For an alternative box mod please see one of our full range of box mods. Over the last few months we’ve trialled dozens of box mods to find the right one. We’ve been looking for a mod that: is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold meets our […]

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You know youre a vaper when

40 Signs You`re a Vaping Enthusiast

1. You’ve always got your head in the clouds… of vapour. Tweet this! 2. You can smell things much better now than when you smoked. Tweet this! 3. You have more e-liquid than food in your cupboard. Tweet this! 4. You forgot your wallet, keys and phone – but remembered to pack your e-cig. Tweet this! […]

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Nicotine benefits

10 Surprising Benefits of Nicotine

You know nicotine has got a bad reputation, right? But did you know that reputation is largely unfounded? In fact, some evidence suggests that nicotine alone isn’t that addictive, and that it is the other chemicals found in tobacco smoke, coupled with the behavioural aspects that make smoking as addictive as it is. (Possibly this is  the […]

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ecigarette expert videos

10 Must-Watch Videos of Experts on E-Cigarette Benefits

There’s no evidence that e-cigarettes are safe! That’s a claim made all over the internet. Another is that there has been no research into the devices. But while we wait for our trade organisation, ECITA, to finish uploading over 800 studies conducted into electronic cigarettes, you might like to see what actual scientists, doctors and […]

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types of vapers which one are you

What Type of Vaper Are You?

Us vapers have an interesting subculture. We come from many different backgrounds, but we all share one thing – our love of vaping. However, there are many different types of vapers with diverse interests. For a bit of fun, we’ve segmented these vapers into different categories, but of course you can be a combination of […]

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Clearomiser 101 tips to fix

Clearomiser Problems & Solutions | A Handy Infographic

Are you having problems with your vape tank? Most of us will experience issues with our ecig at one time or another, be it that horrible burnt taste, not getting any vapour, leaking, gurgling or even eliquid coming though the mouthpiece. But, there are a couple of tips and tricks you can do to help resolve these problems. The following infographic […]

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10 celebrities who vape using ecigarettes

10 More Celebrities Who Vape…

After the success of our last blog post on famous people who use ecigarettes, we decided to follow this up with an updated version and show you 10 more smart celebs who have switched to ecigarettes. Lindsay Lohan The celebrity who recently celebrated her 28th birthday was spotted relaxing in the sun, brushing up on movie scripts and […]

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Win Vaping Goodie Bag Follow & RT

Vaping Goodie Bag Giveaway: Win FIVE Fantastic Prizes!

This competition has now ended. Winners will be announced shortly. Fancy winning yourself FIVE fantastic prizes? Then enter our simple follow and retweet competition and you could be one of the three lucky winners to win all these vaping goodies! The Prizes Evod 1300 Variable Voltage Battery 3 x 10ml HALO UK E-liquid in the flavours […]

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