The Vape Debate

The Vape Debate: Who Pays Who?

I recently asked Lorien Jollye if she could write a post for us on vaping advocacy. Lorien’s a great advocate, and like many other advocates she’s digging deep into her pockets to campaign for e-cigarettes. The pressures are big – Lorien and others are constantly travelling to conferences and giving talks on e-cigs, and that […]

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Banner: Temperature controlled vaping - everything you need to know.

Temperature Control Vaping: Everything You Need To Know

E-cigarette technology has been advancing at an incredible pace over the last few years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Early devices were either mechanical or delivered a constant, regulated voltage to the atomiser. Then came variable voltage mods, which let you fine-tune your vape exactly the way you wanted. The next upgrade […]

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10 E-Cigarette Exaggerations

10 Outrageous E-Cig Exaggerations That Keep Smokers Smoking

Journalists, scientists and public health experts have all had a lot to say about electronic cigarettes recently. As you’d expect when a subject’s as controversial as this one, what they’ve been saying covers a wide spectrum of accuracy. Some of it’s highly reliable, some might benefit from a less biased interpretation and of course quite a […]

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Anti Vaping Twist Vapers Words

10 Ways The Anti-Vaping Lobby Twists What Vapers Say

By Fergus Mason Anyone who’s been following the battle over vaping will, by now, be very familiar with a lot of the myths being circulated by our opponents in the public health industry: Formaldehyde! Gateway effect! Think of the children! You know the sort of thing I mean; it’s in every hysterical UCSF press release, […]

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