Dirty Secrets Report - Exposed

‘The Dirty Secrets of Those “Healthy” E-Cigarettes’ – Debunked

Exposing Discovery Health’s Misinformation on E-Cigarettes A customer recently sent us a report entitled: The Dirty Secrets of Those “Healthy” E-Cigarettes. Lee Johnson investigates.  Vapers have gotten wearily accustomed to seeing extreme, unsupported statements made about vaping. It seems like a week can’t go by without somebody going above and beyond the evidence to scare […]

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Psychology of E-Cig Debate

Zen and The Psychology of the Vape Debate

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.” – Dale Carnegie Why, you might wonder, do people continue to oppose electronic cigarettes when there is so much evidence proving they can help smokers? Surely someone surveying the evidence would […]

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A woman exhales a cloud of smoke.

New Regulations To Hammer Down Number of Vapers by 70%

Over 2,000,000 people in the UK now vape. A third of those have stopped smoking, while two thirds have already successfully reduced the tobacco consumption. Unknown numbers of ex-smokers have stopped using both cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. It’s a massive gateway AWAY from smoking. But that could all change if the UK follows the path of Spain. […]

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Smokers, E-Cigs are safer but we would rather you die than switch

There’s another story from New Zealand about the safety of electronic cigarettes, with the Health Ministry stating that the devices are far safer than regular cigarettes. So that’s it, they are going to be made legal. Oh no! You see, that makes smokers seem normal: Let’s summarise. Electronic cigarettes are vastly safer than cigarettes but […]

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Electronic Cigarette Regulation – It’s Coming!

On the Electronic Cigarette Forum Rolygate has given a good summary of the situation with electronic cigarette regulation so far. He argues that there is no need for additional regulation. I agree, as Trading Standards is doing a perfectly good job with companies that are based in the UK. Some companies get round regulations by […]

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UAE/New York to hand out death sentence to large numbers of smokers

What do New York and the UAE have in common? They are both planning to hand out the death sentence to large numbers of smokers. Estimates of the number of smokers killed by tobacco cigarettes vary between half and one-third of smokers. Yet scientists estimate that electronic cigarettes are between one hundred and one thousand […]

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ASH makes new discovery, danger of chemicals depends on who uses them (and who pays ASH cash)

In a fascinating new scientific discovery, ASH has found that the danger of some chemicals depends on who is making money out of them. For example, tiny traces of tobacco-specific-nitrosamines are absolutely harmless when used in products sold and promoted by ASH sponsors. Nicotine poses no danger when sold as a nicotine cessation product by […]

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WHO conference in Uruguay on e-cigarettes makes little sense

Statements by the WHO/Anti-smoking organisations on the electronic cigarette from a conference in Uruagay appear to make little sense. Quit smoking aid? “The electronic cigarette is presented as an instrument certified to quit smoking but there is no scientific evidence to support this assertion,” said Eduardo Bianco. What we say (and other responsible suppliers) say […]

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Anti E-Cigarette Propoganda

Clear evidence from across the pond that anti-electronic cigarette propoganda is failing – badly. By 86.9%, to be exact! In the latest THR update from Godshall (see previous post) Godshall reports on a poll by the Annals of Internal Medicine. If you remember, the Annals published their opinion that electronic cigarettes were a bad idea. […]

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