Man exhaling smoking against a dark background.

Study says E-Cigarettes are ‘99% Less Harmful Than Smoking’

A study by Professor Igor Burstyn, Drexel University School of Public Health, shows that e-cigarette use poses no danger to users or to bystanders. Professor Burstyn reviewed 9,000 observations (peer reviewed papers and ‘grey’ papers) of the chemicals found in e-cigarette use and found the levels of harmful chemicals to the user or the ‘passive […]

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Four extreme (and we mean extreme) anti-smoking tactics that STILL failed.

The anti-smoking movement is hoping to stop smoking through policies such as: increased taxes pub and car bans a policy of denormalisation (no really – I’m not making that up!) But despite the protests of smoker’s rights groups, these are nothing compared to what anti-smokers did in the past: Imprisoning smokers The first person to […]

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E Cigarette Direct Featured in Surlaterre Magazine

E Cigarette Direct and the electronic cigarette have been featured in Surlaterre magazine in a beautifully written article by editor (and smoker) Steve Paugh. Was the article positive? Judge for yourself: I watched while the LED light that simulates the red ember of a burning cigarette glowed in response to my pull on the E-Cig, […]

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