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The Future of Vaping: 15 E-Cig Experts Share Their Predictions For 2017

The 2019 predictions are now out – click here to read! For the fifth year running, some of the biggest voices in the e-cig industry have gone out on a limb to predict the future of e-cigs next year. This year we’re delighted to bring you thoughts from scientists, public health, a documentary maker, vape […]

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The Future of Vaping 2016 ECigaretteDirect Predictions

12 Top E-Cig Experts Predict The Future of Vaping in 2016

Update: The 2019 annual predictions are now out – and better than ever! See what 17 experts think is going to happen next year here… Essential reading for the informed vaper. The future of vaping is uncertain. Think: The FDA is on a mission to ban 99% of e-cigs in the USA… denying choice to the 10% […]

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The Vaping Blogs That Vaping Bloggers Love

10 E-Cig Bloggers Share Their Favourite Vaping Blogs Have you missed any good e-cig blogs in the past? I know I have. And what better way to find great vaping blogs than by asking vaping bloggers themselves what they read. To keep things fresh, I’ve invited different bloggers from those who kindly contributed to our 2015 ecig […]

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Vaping Bloggers Round Up

A very small but fun Facebook group I belong to is Vapor Block. This group comprises entirely of vaping bloggers, who can socialise, share their blog posts and exchange tips on blogging. And for a change, I thought I’d do a quick round up of what the members have been blogging/posting about. 1. Jennifer Cook […]

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14 Great New Vaping Blogs

It’s not that long since we did our list of the best vaping blogs on the net today. However, the blogosphere changes rapidly, and talented new bloggers are constantly coming on to the net, so I’m putting a list together of new vaping blogs (but there’s also room for any I  missed last time.) Here’s […]

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Smoking Blog

Smokin’ Smoking Blogs For some reason, when you search for smoking blogs – or even e-cigarette blogs – you seem to get blogs that were last updated in 2006, or that have just three posts on them – which is hadly the points of blogs. (Come on Google, sort it out!) Yet despite this, there […]

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