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How to Use Electronic Cigarettes: Essential Information for New Vapers

How do you use an electronic cigarette? E-cigarettes may have helped millions of people to switch away from tobacco cigarettes, but they don’t work for everyone. And recent research, highlighted in the E-Cigarette Summit, found experienced users get a lot more out of ecigarettes than new users. There’s a key reason for this – and […]

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Leatherette ecigarette pouch lanyard

E-Cig Pouch Lanyards

New on, The Smoker’s Angel – A new range of pouch lanyards available in 9 different colours. Available for just £2.99!   These pouch  lanyards are becoming a strong favourite in our shops and make a great gift for any Tank or Halo ecigarette user. Click here to view on the website, or check […]

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Dan showing off his bling batteries.

Bling Electronic Cigarette Tank Batteries

New on, The Smoker’s Angel – Bling Batteries plus a super easy-to-enter competition where you can win a bling battery of your own! One of our most popular products in our shops, these also make a super present for tank users. Our bling batteries are divided into two types – metal bling batteries: And pretty bling […]

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Beginners guide to e-cigarettes

The Ultimate Beginner`s Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

Last update: June 2016 Why this guide? Plunge into the world of electronic cigarettes and you could easily get confused. There is just so much information, and so many terms! But at the end of the day, getting started can be as simple as picking up a disposable electronic cigarette and inhaling on it. In this […]

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Which to ban: Ecigs or Tobacco (Infographic)

Thanks to Randall from for sending me the link to this infographic from Agence Nomad, which includes a fascinating comparison of the emissions from smoking cigarettes and tobacco. Please consider posting it on your own blog (attributing it to Agence Nomad, of course.)

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Disposable electronic cigarettes: Are they any good?

I think it should probably be taken as a given that I am biased writing this post. However, I have yet to taste a disposable electronic cigarette that I have found personally satisfying. I’ve tried several. When Tescos brought out the 10 Motives electronic cigarette, I thought I’d try one. I bought one, and headed […]

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7 UK Celebrities Who Use Electronic Cigarettes

Here is the long belated follow up to 10 Celebrities who Vape. This time we have focussed on UK celebrity vapers, and once again I’d be grateful to anyone who could add to this list and/or suggest photos of the celebrities vaping which we can reuse or link to. 1. Jimmy White The pro-snooker player now […]

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Eissenberg, do you really believe that e-cigarettes have no nicotine in them?

Eissenberg, you are once again claiming that e-cigarettes do not contain any nicotine. My problem with that is: 1. How can one million US smokers and one hundred thousand UK smokers be wrong? (As I write, one of our customers is asking if he can return a extra-high nicotine to be replaced with a high-nicotine, […]

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