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The Future of Vaping: 15 E-Cig Experts Share Their Predictions For 2017

For the fifth year running, some of the biggest voices in the e-cig industry have gone out on a limb to predict the future of e-cigs next year. This year we’re delighted to bring you thoughts from scientists, public health, a documentary maker, vape activists, trade organisations, consumer organisations, bloggers and more. Click on the […]

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E-Cigarette Summit Round Up

E-Cig Summit 4 Round Up: Vape Heavy Weights Debate

Back in 2013, e-cigs faced a huge threat: Medical regulation. If medical regulation had gone ahead in Europe, vaping as we know it would have been changed for ever. Tanks would have disappeared off the shelves, e-liquid would only be available on the black market and the only devices you could buy in shops would […]

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The Future of Vaping 2016 ECigaretteDirect Predictions

12 Top E-Cig Experts Predict The Future of Vaping in 2016

Update: The 2017 annual predictions are now out – and better than ever! See what 15 experts think is going to happen next year here… Essential reading for the informed vaper. The future of vaping is uncertain. Think: The FDA is on a mission to ban 99% of e-cigs in the USA… denying choice to the 10% […]

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E Cig Summit Round Up

E-Cig Summit Round Up: The Vape Debate Continues

I’ve popped these notes up for anyone interested in the e-cig summit but was unable to attend. This year saw a hectic pace, with more speakers and more content in the same amount of time. Konstantinos alone had over 50 slides in a (theoretical!) 20 minutes. So this time round, I’ve chosen just to highlight […]

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Speakers at the ECigarette Summit.

Titans of the ECigarette Debate Clash: ECigarette Summit Review

The e-cigarette summit was a huge success yesterday – congratulations to e-cigarette-forum for organising the summit. I was blown away by the success of it! I’ve put together this summary for people who are interested but couldn’t attend. In particular, I think it’s important for e-cigarette advocates to understand the debate where it stands. Obviously, you […]

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Why Do Electronic Cigarettes Work? 7 Vapers Share Their Top Reasons Why E Cigarettes Worked When All Else Had Failed

Scientists recently came up with 5 reasons why electronic cigarettes work: It mimics smoking Social elements Hobby elements Identity Users are quitting smoking not nicotine But what do real users of electronic cigarettes think? We decided to ask 7 prominent vapers how and why they managed to successfully switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. […]

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How to explain the science behind electronic cigarettes to MPs and MEPs

Following yesterday’s post, several e-cigarette users have shared replies from MPs and MEPs regarding the EU directive that seeks to effectively ban electronic cigarettes. While some of have promised to oppose the directive, others have asked for more information. In this post, I’m hoping to provide a summary of the science behind vaping without using […]

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What does the UK Gov think about e-cigarettes?

Want to know what the game changers – the UK Government, and the people who influence the government, politics think about e-cigarettes? There’s conflicting opinions. Anti-Smoking Groups Many of the anti-smoking groups in the UK are largely funded by the UK. (That’s ironic, as some of their jobs entailing lobbying the government on policy.) Some anti-smoking groups argue […]

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Criminals rejoice as smokers forced into dark world of black market tobacco smugglers

Nearly two-thirds of UK smokers have bought fags from criminals If you’re a smoker, there’s a 63.7% chance you’ve bought cigarettes on the black market. Those are the findings of our survey of 581 smokers and ex-smokers. We asked: Have you ever purchased cigarettes and/or tobacco illegally? Oh yes! Nearly two in three smokers have […]

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