Bad apples from wales

Welsh vaping policy leaves bad taste

The Welsh government may have failed to ban e-cigs in public places, but they’re determined that if you do use e-cigarettes to get off tobacco cigarettes, you’re not going to enjoy it. In its latest attack on vapers,  Public Health Wales has stated: confectionary-like flavours of e-liquid should not be permitted, in order to reduce the […]

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E-Cigarette Summit Round Up

E-Cig Summit 4 Round Up: Vape Heavy Weights Debate

Back in 2013, e-cigs faced a huge threat: Medical regulation. If medical regulation had gone ahead in Europe, vaping as we know it would have been changed for ever. Tanks would have disappeared off the shelves, e-liquid would only be available on the black market and the only devices you could buy in shops would […]

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Image of the UK going up in smoke.

Brexit: What Does It Mean for Vapers?

Brexit has arrived. And vapers may have had something to do with it. After all, there are 2,500,000 vapers. And when we surveyed more than 1000 of them, 89% of them said their vote would be influenced by the regulations the EU had introduced on electronic cigarettes, while 77% were concerned about EU plans to […]

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Empty house of lords.

Lord`s Last Ditch Attempt to Save Vaping

Thank you to Ian Gregory of Abzed and The 100k Campaign for this guest post.  In the House of Lords Lord Callanan has put down a motion which if passed would stop implementation of the TPD in the UK. This is a critical development. Update: Organisers are now calling on vapers to email their MPs, and […]

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Image of parliament.

Huge Parliamentary Support for E-Cigs

Yesterday saw an extraordinary debate in the House of Lords which was hugely helpful for vaping. Thank you to Ian Gregory of Abzed and The 100k Campaign for providing this summary, note and transcript.  Executive Summary Political support for the TPD among Westminster politicians has close to disappeared. All that is left is the legal […]

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Swansea beaches could become vape free zones.

Swansea Mulls Outdoor E-Cig Ban

Yesterday I followed a link from Twitter to a consultation on a ban on smoking outdoor places. The consultation asks whether smoking should be banned in places like beaches (presumably because of the passive smoking danger to cockles) and parks. The questionnaire even asks you if smoking outside pubs should be prohibited, which sounds like the final nail in […]

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Will Huge EU Tobacco Scandal Affect Electronic Cigarettes?

Breaking news yesterday saw EU Health Commissioner Dahl resign following an investigation by the EU anti-fraud office into an alleged attempt to bribe Dahl over tobacco policy. The allegation was made by Swedish smokeless tobacco company Swedish Match. Snus is illegal in most of the EU despite evidence that it is vastly safer than smoking – and […]

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Scientists find major flaws with new e-cig airways passage study

We recently published a blog complaining about the way papers have only been publishing negative news about e-cigarettes. The blog was in response to media stories about a new study which claims e-cigs lead to a restriction in airway passages, published as a press release entitled: Experts warn that e-cigarettes can damage the lungs. While we […]

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Is 21 billion pounds in tax revenues the real reason behind negative PR on electronic cigarettes?

Negative Ecig Stories Only, Please There seems to be a rush of ecig stories at the moment. And in the mainstream press they are also negative. Here are some of the positive stories we have covered recently: ECigarettes Do No Damage to the Heart ECigarettes Carry No Risk Of Passive Smoking Two More Studies Prove […]

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