Vaping in Fiction & Movies

Vaping in Film and Fiction

Smoking has always carried an air of sophistication and mystery; how many times does James Bond light up on-screen? That changed when mainstream studies began showing that tobacco can be seriously harmful to your health. Luckily, the first smokeless e-cig patent was filed in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbertt and vaping has since taken off – […]

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E-cig quotes From 20 Experts

What 20 REAL Experts Say About E-Cigs

If you know anything about e-cigarettes, you probably find it absolutely astounding how much rubbish is written about them by people who DON’T know anything about them. A typical example is a recent Metro article by Rob Waugh, who screamed aloud: Passive smoking warning as e-cigarettes are found to harm bystanders Read the article, though, and there’s nothing […]

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E-Cigarette News Views

E-Cigarettes Cause Newspaper Schizophrenia

Recent data has shown clear evidence that e-cigarettes have led to schizophrenia among several UK newspapers. In this case study, we’ll look at one particularly severe case, although many media outlets have suffered similar symptoms after being exposed to unreliable second hand vapour reports. Scientists Say E-Cigarettes Are Bad For You We’ll start off with […]

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ECigaretteDirect in The Metro – Plus Some Clarifications!

We’ve been featured in the Metro in a largely positive story on e-cigarettes and the EU’s attempt to ban them. However, there are a few things I’d like to clarify! Vaporising Waste Products E-cigarettes contain nicotine but vaporise waste products. I’m not quite sure what Jayne meant by this (perhaps referring to vapour?), but waste […]

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Could you be a vaping case study for a women`s magazine?

Would you like to be a case study for an article on vaping? Freelance journalist Chris Morris has contacted us, looking for just that. Here’s his message: Has vaping (electronic cigarettes) changed your life in ways you never expected? Journalist seeks a female electronic cigarette user for a proposed healtharticle in a women’s weekly magazine to talk […]

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Daily Mail Apologises for Negative E-Cigarette Story: Says Knows of No Experts who Say Electronic Cigarettes are More Dangerous than Cigarettes

In January this year I covered a story about a negative Dail Mail story on E-Cigarettes which claimed experts argued e-cigarettes were more dangerous than tobacco cigarettes, but failed to back the story up with expert comments. Clive Bates, myself and other vapers wrote to the Press Complaints Commission and the story was pulled. Now the […]

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Negative Daily Mail Story on Vaping Pulled After Campaigners and Vapers Complain to Press Complaints Commission

Earlier this week I covered a Daily Mail story on ecigs which claimed experts believed ecigs were more harmful than smoking – without referring to any experts. Former Action on Smoking and Health Director Clive Bates was enraged, and wrote to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) to complain. I and many other vapers followed his […]

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Former Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Director Reports Daily Mail ECig Story to Press Complaints Commission – And You Can Too!

You may have seen a recent article in the Daily Mail which claimed, without evidence, that electronic cigarettes are worse than tobacco cigarettes. (Steve Vape believes that the article was deliberately designed to drive traffic by making outragous claims. I’m inclined to agree!) The article enraged Clive Bates, former director of Action on Smoking and […]

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Steve Hellig writes Another Pack of Lies

A rambling and confusing post by Steve Heilig in SFGate attacks the electronic cigarette – but the only telling point he can make is both hypocritical and a lie. In the post he writes that the device “claims all sorts of benefits”. He’s unable to deny the benefits directly – regained sense of smell, no […]

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