10 celebrities who vape using ecigarettes

10 More Celebrities Who Vape…

After the success of our last blog post on famous people who use ecigarettes, we decided to follow this up with an updated version and show you 10 more smart celebs who have switched to ecigarettes. Lindsay Lohan The celebrity who recently celebrated her 28th birthday was spotted relaxing in the sun, brushing up on movie scripts and […]

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Dan showing off his bling batteries.

Bling Electronic Cigarette Tank Batteries

New on ECigaretteDirect.co.uk, The Smoker’s Angel – Bling Batteries plus a super easy-to-enter competition where you can win a bling battery of your own! One of our most popular products in our shops, these also make a super present for tank users. Our bling batteries are divided into two types – metal bling batteries: And pretty bling […]

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16 pictures of smoke and smoking that are guaranteed to make you gasp, laugh or cry!

Taking a break from writing about e-cigarettes, I scoured the web for the most shocking/amusing pictures of smoke. Here are the results! (Just in case you are wondering, the image of the baby flying through the air here has not been photo-shopped – it is real! With no way out, the family decided it was […]

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10 Top Celebrities Who Vape…

Feeling lonely and strange when you vape? Don`t be. Not only have a million Americans and 300,000 Brits switched to e-cigarettes, the device is also sweeping the celebrity world. Here`s a few of the A-listers you can expect to see with an e-cigarette in their mouth. Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo was famously snapped with a cigarette […]

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The HALO E-Cigarette in Cosi fan tutte!

The Welsh National Opera has been using our electronic cigarette again, this time in a performance of Cosi fan tutte. The Welsh National Opera set Mozart’s tale of seduction in the Welsh seaside in the 1950’s. The picture above and below shows Gary Griffiths, who plays officer Guglielmo, vaping a HALO electronic cigarette during the performance. […]

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HALO User Pictures

We have had some great user pictures from Slawo Walok and Gemma Irving with their HALO e-cigarettes:   It seems a bit unfair to keep asking for your pictures without ever sharing our own. As I’ve just returned from my holidays (hence all quiet on the blog front!) here are a couple of holiday snaps […]

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