Polosa interview on the effect of vaping on blood pressure and asthma.

E-Cigs Reversing Harm From Smoking? Interview with Professor Polosa.

Harm reduction. That’s been the key argument for switching from cigarettes to vaping. But what if vaping didn’t just to lead to harm reduction but harm reversal? Professor Polosa has been studying the effect vaping has on patients with blood pressure and asthma, and kindly agreed to answer a few of our questions. What is it […]

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A credit card with a mouse trap attached.

The Great Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Scam

Free Electronic Cigarette Trials Have you been scammed? It’s over four years since we wrote this post, and we’re still hearing reports of e-cig scams. (See the comments below this for some examples.) Typically, the victim has bought an electronic cigarette from someone advertising a free trial – and they’re wondering why their money is suddenly disappearing from their […]

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Diacetyl in ecigarettes what they never told you

Diacetyl in Electronic Cigarettes: What you need to know!

Sitting on Highway 71 in Missouri is a factory producing microwavable popcorn. The factory used a flavour called Diacetyl to produce its popcorn – and, according to one of its employees, Eric Peoples, it did so at three times the usual levels. In the late 1990’s, workers at the factory, including Eric Peoples, began to get ill. Initially […]

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UK Policy Committee Slams MHRA Over E-Cigarette Consultation

The UK Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) has issued a withering criticism of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)’s consultation letter calling for the regulation of electronic cigarettes as a medicine, pointing out out that there is insufficient evidence that the electronic cigarette poses a risk to public health. The MHRA, while acknowledging the […]

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New Study Finds No Toxic Nitrosamines in E-Cig Vapour

Last year an FDA study found minute quantitites of Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSNAs) in NJOY cartridges. The Nitrosamines were: at levels thousands of times lower than those found in cigarettes (and at similar levels to those found in peanut butter!) only found in cartridges – the FDA did not test the vapour exhaled by smokers […]

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E-Cigs Made in China? So What…

One complaint about the e-cigarette is that they are made in China. According to the Dr Jonathan Whiteson: …there’s no proof that these cigarettes are safe. No proof whatsoever. They are made in China. Meanwhile the The Denver Channel states: The FDA is investigating why stores are selling e-cigarettes and a spokeswoman said they are […]

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