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The Future of Vaping: 15 E-Cig Experts Share Their Predictions For 2017

For the fifth year running, some of the biggest voices in the e-cig industry have gone out on a limb to predict the future of e-cigs next year. This year we’re delighted to bring you thoughts from scientists, public health, a documentary maker, vape activists, trade organisations, consumer organisations, bloggers and more. Click on the […]

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The Future of Vaping 2016 ECigaretteDirect Predictions

12 Top E-Cig Experts Predict The Future of Vaping in 2016

Update: The 2017 annual predictions are now out – and better than ever! See what 15 experts think is going to happen next year here… Essential reading for the informed vaper. The future of vaping is uncertain. Think: The FDA is on a mission to ban 99% of e-cigs in the USA… denying choice to the 10% […]

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types of vapers which one are you

What Type of Vaper Are You?

Us vapers have an interesting subculture. We come from many different backgrounds, but we all share one thing – our love of vaping. However, there are many different types of vapers with diverse interests. For a bit of fun, we’ve segmented these vapers into different categories, but of course you can be a combination of […]

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Our First Vape: 10 Top Vapers Share Their Stories

Together, the vapers in this post have reached literally millions of smokers and vapers, sharing expertise, writing reviews and in many case fighting hard against ignorance and prejudice. Today they have kindly agreed to sharing the story of how it all started. (I was also fascinated to find that one well known blogging vaper found about vaping […]

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Daily Mail Headline on French Vaping Study

Is the French E-Cig Study an Attempted Smear Campaign?

Unfortunately, I missed the furor which surrounded the recent French study as I was away on holiday. In case you missed it, details from an unpublished French study on electronic cigarettes were sent to the press, leading to articles like: Fortunately, what details have been released has been analysed by people like Dr Konstantinos from […]

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Why Do Electronic Cigarettes Work? 7 Vapers Share Their Top Reasons Why E Cigarettes Worked When All Else Had Failed

Scientists recently came up with 5 reasons why electronic cigarettes work: It mimics smoking Social elements Hobby elements Identity Users are quitting smoking not nicotine But what do real users of electronic cigarettes think? We decided to ask 7 prominent vapers how and why they managed to successfully switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. […]

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Ten Top Vaping Bloggers’s 2013 Electronic Cigarette Predictions

What’s going to happen to the e-cig industry in 2013? Rather than share one blogger’s predictions, I thought I’d get 10 of the web’s top bloggers and videographers to share their opinions. And here’s what they thought: 1.Grimm Green from Grimm Green Vaping in 2013 is going to be more accessible and more hassle free than […]

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