Heat Not Burn: A Suicide Product for Vape Shops?

Big tobacco companies are heavily promoting heat not burn (HNB) products to vape shops around the UK, in some cases offering cash incentives to stock their product. While this could lead to a short term profit boost, this could be a poor long term move for vape shops. How has the vape industry affected big […]

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Setting up a vape shop

How to Set Up a Vape Shop

You don’t have to know the stats to know that e-cigarettes are booming in popularity in 21st Century Britain. Just take a walk and you’ll be sure to spot passers-by vaping. But the numbers do back up that evidence, with an estimated 2.2million Brits regularly using e-cigarettes in 2015, according to Office of National Statistics […]

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ECigarette Direct Double your Vape Shop Sales

How to Double Your Vape Shop’s Sales

By Patricia Vaz Set up a vape store but are not seeing any positive results yet? Or seeing positive results but feel you could be doing even better? Then maybe your store is missing the vital elements that make a customer come back to your store every time. As an e-cig retailer, you need to […]

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How EU Regulations Will Affect Retailers

How EU`s TPD Vape Regulations Will Affect Retailers

The EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD): What Vape Retailers and Shop Owners Need To Know A few retailers have asked me how EU e-cig regulations will affect them. If you’ve not heard of the TPD before, it’s refers to the Tobacco Products Directive (article 20 being the section that affects e-cigarettes). Although designed for cigarettes, e-cigarettes […]

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Reads: New E-Cig Age Regulations: A Guide for E-Cig Retailers

New E-Cig Age Restrictions: How to Avoid Fines and a Criminal Record!

Are you an e-cig reseller? We’ve put this guide together for both our shop staff and for our resellers, and it’s something you might find useful too. Update: We’ve worked with Trading Standards to improve and update the PDF version of this guide. To get your free copy just click on the download link below. You’ll also […]

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Photo of Dan on a black background.

Free Guide: How to Sell Electronic Cigarettes Profitably and Legally

Dan Steeds is the wholesale manager at ECigaretteDirect.co.uk, and has helped dozens of sellers get started selling ecigarettes and eliquid. In this blog post, with the help of our retail manager who runs our chain of shops, he shares some of the lessons he has learned.  If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes […]

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