How to Change the Atomiser and Wick on an Aspire Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser

One of the great advantages with the Aspire Bottom Dual Coil clearomiser is that you can easily (and cheaply) replace the atomiser and wick. 

Not only does this save money (it's a lot cheaper to replace the coil than to buy a new clearomiser) it also means that you can experiment with using different resistance atomisers. 

In this video you can see how to easily change the coil on your clearomiser. For a more detailed guide on clearomisers, check out The Ultimate Guide to Clearomisers or for more general guides and tutorials visit E Cigarette Academy


Atomisers doesn't last for ever. When they go, it is much cheaper to buy a replacement head than it is to buy a new clearomiser. 

First, remove the bottom assembly from the clearomiser. 

Unscrew the atomiser and wick from the bottom assembly. 

Take a new atomiser and wick. 

Screw the atomiser and wick into the bottom assembly. 

And now screw this into the clearomiser. 

Thank you for watching!

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