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ECigaretteDirect staff jumping with the Living Wage certificate.

At a glance

Founded: September 2008
Founders: Jean Rasbridge and James Dunworth
Headquarters: 23a Crofty Industrial Estate, Penclawdd, Swansea SA43RS
What we do: Selling quality e-cigs at reasonable prices through our website, shops and resellers.
Contact: [email protected]

Our Mission

At ECigaretteDirect, we strive for excellence in three areas:

Quality products. Happy customers. Happy staff.

Quality products: E-cigarettes change lives. Quality ecigs, accessories, e-liquids and refills give you the fantastic vaping experience you are after – whatever your preferred set-up – and mean that you’ll never want to go back to cigarettes.

Happy customers: Fast delivery ensures you’ll never run out of your juice or refills and great discounts and offers will make your wallet happy. Superb customer service before, during and after purchase. Our friendly and expert staff are here to help you in our shops, on the phone, via social media or by email, no matter what your query or concern.

Happy staff: Our staff are our business. We think they’re brilliant and really value their input and hard work. That’s why all staff are paid a salary set above the living wage and have the opportunity to earn bonuses for providing you with great service.

Halo UK Made E-Liquid

A Brief History: From Kitchen Table to World Wide Supplier

The company was founded in 2008 by Jean Rasbridge and James Dunworth. Initially run from Jean’s kitchen in an old farmhouse, the company grew rapidly through its focus on customer support and service and after Jean’s shed, drive and dining room (the last straw!) had been turned into packing stations, the company moved to its first warehouse.

In 2013 the company opened its first shop in Neath, South Wales, and now has a network of shops throughout the South-West and Wales, and resellers as far away as Australia.
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E-Liquid & The Halo Panel

ECigaretteDirect is the first UK company to recruit a panel of independent enthusiastic and experienced e-liquid reviewers and tasters to help us develop a delicious range of new e-liquids.

If you’d like to be involved in our tasting panel, click here for more information.

Research and Advocacy

We were involved in the first peer reviewed study into electronic cigarettes in co-operation with The University of Alberta. We have been deeply involved in advocacy since the first meeting with the MHRA in 2010, when e-cigarettes were two weeks away from a ban. The company is also well known for its series of interviews with experts and scientists which have helped educate readers about the benefits of e-cigarettes, as well as regular appearences on UK TV and Radio making the case for e-cigarettes as a tobacco harm reduction product.

In The Community

Our policy is to support small local charities and e-cig research and advocacy projects where we think our contribution can make a difference.

For several years we have supported the children and young disabled adults of EMAUS orphanage in Spain, particularly the unit for mentally handicapped young people. The orphanage has been in crisis as the cash strapped local government has withheld funding and salaries.

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